„Poor verdant fool, and now green ice! thy joys,
Large and as lasting as thy perch of grass,
Bid us lay in ‘gainst winter rain, and poise
Their floods with an o’erflowing glass.“

—  Richard Lovelace, The Grasshopper (l. 17-20).
Richard Lovelace Foto
Richard Lovelace
Engl. Dichter 1617 - 1658

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Jones Very Foto

„Thou hast no sorrow in thy song,
No winter in thy year.“

—  John Logan 1748 - 1788
To the Cuckoo, reported in Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. (1919).

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Percy Bysshe Shelley Foto
Charles Wesley Foto

„Love divine, all loves excelling,
Joy of heaven to earth come down,
Fix in us thy humble dwelling,
All thy faithful mercies crown;
Jesu, thou art all compassion,
Pure unbounded love thou art,
Visit us with thy salvation,
Enter every trembling heart.“

—  Charles Wesley English Methodist and hymn writer 1707 - 1788
Osborn G (1868), "The poetical works of John and Charles Wesley. Vol 4.", London: Wesleyan-Methodist Conference Office. Page 219, at archive.org. https://archive.org/details/poeticalworksofj04wesl

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„While these broad views thy better thoughts compose
To spurn the malice of insulting foes;
And all the joys descending ages gain,
Repay thy labors and remove thy pain.“

—  Joel Barlow American diplomat 1754 - 1812
Context: Here then, said Hesper, with a blissful smile, Behold the fruits of thy long years of toil. To yon bright borders of Atlantic day Thy swelling pinions led the trackless way, And taught mankind such useful deeds to dare, To trace new seas and happy nations rear; Till by fraternal hands their sails unfurl'd Have waved at last in union o'er the world. Then let thy steadfast soul no more complain Of dangers braved and griefs endured in vain, Of courts insidious, envy's poison'd stings, The loss of empire and the frown of kings; While these broad views thy better thoughts compose To spurn the malice of insulting foes; And all the joys descending ages gain, Repay thy labors and remove thy pain. Book X

Philip Sidney Foto

„Fool," said my muse to me. "Look in thy heart and write.“

—  Philip Sidney, Astrophel and Stella
Context: .... But words came halting forth, wanting Invention's stay, Invention, Nature's child, fled step-dame Study's blows, And others' feet still seemed but strangers in my way. Thus great with child to speak, and helpless in my throes, Biting my truant pen, beating myself for spite: "Fool," said my Muse to me, "look in thy heart and write." Sonnet 1,Concluding couplet from Loving in truth,and fain in verse my love to show Compare: "Look, then, into thine heart and write", Henry W. Longfellow, Voices of the Night, Prelude.

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Edgar Allan Poe Foto

„Hast thou not torn the Naiad from her flood,
The Elfin from the green grass, and from me
The summer dream beneath the tamarind tree?“

—  Edgar Allan Poe American author, poet, editor and literary critic 1809 - 1849
" Sonnet. To Science http://library.thinkquest.org/11840/Poe/science.html", l. 12-14 (1829).

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