„I've lost interest in the theatre because you can't get what you want ever. I used to think it would be wonderful to see what you had written come to life. Here in Australia it's very hard to get an adequate performance because of the state of the theatre; but even if you have the best actors in the world it's never what you visualised. One can't say all one wants to say, one can't convey it.“

—  Patrick White, In The Making (1970)
Patrick White Foto
Patrick White
australischer Literaturnobelpreisträger 1912 - 1990

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„I look upon human beings as automatons.. because they all think they can do what they want but they can't. They are not free. No one is“

—  L. S. Lowry British visual artist 1887 - 1976
Maitland Tapes, Maitland Tapes-interview with Prof. Hugh Maitland 1970 L. S. Lowry - A Biography by Shelley Rhode Lowry Press 1999 ISBN 9781902970011.

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