„I know that people are interested, and I understand why, but I don't want that stuff to overshadow my life. It's just the way it is. I'm a singer, I'm in a band, I've been out with musicians, I've had children with two different musicians. To me, it's no big deal. I only get upset because I want people to listen to the songs. Listen to the LP or come and see my band. I don't like it when people write about my life and don't even mention the music.“

Quelle: " A life on the edge http://www.theguardian.com/music/2004/aug/20/popandrock8" at The Guardian, 20 August 2004

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Lisa Moorish Foto
Lisa Moorish
englische Sängerin und Songwriterin 1972

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„I don't even want people to say I'm the godfather of Chinese rock music. I would like to say I'm the grandson of Chinese rock music. I want to keep doing something, I don't want to sit there and tell people what you should do. I don't like that.“

—  Cui Jian Chinese rock musician of Korean descent 1961

"Rocker Cui Jian Says his Music Hasn't Changed but China Has" in Voice of America (30 December 2015) https://www.voanews.com/east-asia/rocker-cui-jian-says-his-music-hasnt-changed-china-has

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„I just kind of thought about doing this my whole life. I never doubted myself once. I've always been singing, and I've always wanted to be on tour with a rock band.“

—  Bert McCracken American musician 1982

Eric R. Danton (September 1, 2005) "McCracken Had No Rock Doubts", The Hartford Courant, The Hartford Courant Co., p. 5.

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„Me, as myself, I don't think I'm particularly funny. But I've noticed that people in my life always have found me amusing. Which, when I was little, really bothered me.“

—  Madeline Kahn American actress 1942 - 1999

Joe Brown, (October 26, 1988) "Madeline Kahn, on The Road Back to Broadway; At the National Theatre, Remaking Billie Dawn for A New 'Born Yesterday'", The Washington Post, The Washington Post Company

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