„If I could only impress on the soul of every friend of music, and on high personages in particular, how inimitable are Mozart's works, how profound, how musically intelligent, how extraordinarily sensitive! (for this is how I understand them, how I feel them) — why then the nations would vie with each other to possess such a jewel within their frontiers. Prague should hold him fast — but should reward him, too: for without this, the history of great geniuses is sad indeed, and gives but little encouragement to posterity to further exertions; and unfortunately this is why so many promising intellects fall by the wayside.“

Letter to Franz Rott (December 1787), from The collected correspondence, and London notebooks of Joseph Haydn, ed. H.C. Robbins Landon (1959), p. 73

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Joseph Haydn Foto
Joseph Haydn4
österreichischer Komponist der Wiener Klassik 1732 - 1809

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„Most people have music in the center of their lives. I believe my work sheds light on how music affects us and why it is so influential.“

—  Susan McClary American musicologist 1946

from http://web.archive.org/20030225083736/www.ucla.edu/spotlight/archive/html_2001_2002/fac0502_mcclalry.html

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„Without Satan, with God only, how poor a universe, how trite a music!“

—  Olaf Stapledon, buch Last Men in London

Quelle: Last Men in London (1932), Chapter VII: After the War.

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„I understand HOW: I do not understand WHY“

—  George Orwell, buch 1984

Variante: I understand HOW: I do not understand WHY.

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„On instruments: "Well, to be honest I don’t think it’s necessary to find out how pieces of equipment work. I would prefer to know how music works, or how my body and my mind work.“

—  Vangelis Greek composer of electronic, progressive, ambient, jazz, pop rock, and orchestral music 1943

After all, it’s more useful to know how to drive a car than it is to know what makes it go. Of course it’s important to know certain things about a machine, but I don’t need to be able to build my own synthesizer. It strikes me that the people who do build them don’t know how to play them, so l’d rather find out more about playing".

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„How happy I would be if I could give figurative expression to the unconscious feeling that often murmurs so softly and sweetly within me.“

—  Paula Modersohn-Becker German artist 1876 - 1907

In her Diary (1898); as quoted in: Werner Haftmann (1966) An analysis of the artists and their work, p. 82

Russell L. Ackoff Foto

„Analysis of a system reveals how it works; it provides know-how, knowledge, not understanding; that is, explanations of why it works the way it does.“

—  Russell L. Ackoff Scientist 1919 - 2009

This [understanding of why systems work] requires synthetic thinking... Analysis is the way scientists conduct research. Synthetic thinking is exemplified by design.
Ackoff & Greenberg (2008) Turning Learning Right Side Up. p. 61 as cited in: Stephen M Millett (2011) Managing the Future: A Guide to Forecasting and Strategic Planning. p. 52.

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„This is truly how I remember the ways of the world. Those words I cursed him with make a verse, and that verse could be sung to music.“

—  Vālmīki Legendary Indian poet, author of the Ramayana

In. p. 7.
He remembered these words uttered in a verse form, when he got back to his hermitage. It was then that Brahma appeared before him.

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