„Music is geometry in time.“

I am a Composer (1951)

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Arthur Honegger Foto
Arthur Honegger
französisch-schweizerischer Komponist 1892 - 1955

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Claude Debussy Foto

„Music is the arithmetic of sounds as optics is the geometry of light.“

—  Claude Debussy French composer 1862 - 1918

As quoted in Greatness : Who Makes History and Why by Dean Keith Simonton, p. 110

Pythagoras Foto

„There is geometry in the humming of the strings. There is music in the spacings of the spheres.“

—  Pythagoras ancient Greek mathematician and philosopher -585 - -495 v.Chr

As quoted in the preface of the book entitled Music of the Spheres by Guy Murchie (1961)
The Golden Verses

Archimedes Foto
Diogenes Laërtius Foto

„Very late in life, when he was studying geometry, some one said to Lacydes, "Is it then a time for you to be learning now?"“

—  Diogenes Laërtius biographer of ancient Greek philosophers 180 - 240

"If it is not," he replied, "when will it be?"
Lacydes, 5.
The Lives and Opinions of Eminent Philosophers (c. 200 A.D.), Book 4: The Academy

Jorge Luis Borges Foto

„Time carries him as the river carries
A leaf in the downstream water.
No matter. The enchanted one insists
And shapes God with delicate geometry.“

—  Jorge Luis Borges Argentine short-story writer, essayist, poet and translator, and a key figure in Spanish language literature 1899 - 1986

"Baruch Spinoza", as translated in Spinoza and Other Heretics: The Marrano of Reason (1989) by Yirmiyahu Yovel
Kontext: Time carries him as the river carries
A leaf in the downstream water.
No matter. The enchanted one insists
And shapes God with delicate geometry.
Since his illness, since his birth,
He goes on constructing God with the word.
The mightiest love was granted him
Love that does not expect to be loved.

Ryan Adams Foto

„And I do this all in time to the music“

—  Ryan Adams American alt-country/rock singer-songwriter 1974

Goodnight, Hollywood Boulevard
29 (2005)

Ferruccio Busoni Foto

„Music is the art of sounds in the movement of time.“

—  Ferruccio Busoni Italian composer, pianist, conductor, editor, writer, and piano teacher 1866 - 1924

The Essence of Music (1923)

Tom Waits Foto
Vikram Seth Foto
William Shakespeare Foto
W. H. Auden Foto

„Music is the best means we have of digesting time.“

—  W. H. Auden Anglo-American poet 1907 - 1973

A quotation from Igor Stravinsky, not Auden. Cited as Auden's through a misreading of a paragraph in Stravinsky: Chronicle of a Friendship, by Robert Craft (New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1972), p. 6. (The antecedent of "he" is unmistakably "Mr. S." in Craft's sentence: "He also makes a marvelous remark to the effect that 'Music is the best means we have of digesting time'"; and in the sentence that follows "he" is again Stravinsky, not Auden.)

Matt Haig Foto
Prevale Foto

„Harmonize your day by putting music and words in time with your heart.“

—  Prevale Italian DJ and producer 1983

Original: Armonizza la tua giornata mettendo musica e parole a tempo con il cuore.

Sergei Rachmaninoff Foto

„The virtuosos look to the students of the world to do their share in the education of the great musical public. Do not waste your time with music that is trite or ignoble. Life is too short to spend it wandering in the barren Saharas of musical trash.“

—  Sergei Rachmaninoff Russian composer, pianist, and conductor 1873 - 1943

Extract from an interview by James Francis Cooke, as given in the 1999 edition of Great Pianists on Piano Playing (Mineola: Dover Publications, 1999) p. 217.

Thomas Fuller Foto

„Music is nothing else but wild sounds civilised into time and tune.“

—  Thomas Fuller English churchman and historian 1608 - 1661

The History of the Worthies of England (1662): Musicians.

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Igor Stravinsky Foto

„Music's exclusive function is to structure the flow of time and keep order in it.“

—  Igor Stravinsky Russian composer, pianist and conductor 1882 - 1971

Quoted by Géza Szamosi, The Twin Dimensions: Inventing Time and Space (New York, 1986), p. 232.
1970s and later

„Plays are events in time and space. Plays are music. Word music. Visual music. I’ve always thought of plays as a form of composition—of text and the architecture of the experience of the full-length evening…“

—  Caridad Svich American writer 1963

On how she describes plays in “Making Invisible Stories Seen, Heard and Felt Interview with Caridad Svich” http://www.critical-stages.org/3/making-invisible-stories-seen-heard-and-felt-interview-with-caridad-svich/ in The IATC webjournal/Revue web de l'AICT – Autumn 2010: Issue No 3

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