„There are many arguments about the role of religion in the history of this country. But the fundamental fact still remains that India has been a historic home to all the great religions of the world. I believe this pluralism and this ability to have an individual element in your religion is culturally specific to India…I came to India as an orthodox Christian thinking there was only one way to God. I now believe there are many ways to God and that came from living in India.“

—  Mark Tully

Quelle: " Former BBC-India Chief Highlights Multiple Paths to God http://hafsite.org/media/pr/former-bbc-india-chief-highlights-multiple-paths-god", hafsite.org, Hindu American Foundation (HAF), 19 October 2010

Übernommen aus Wikiquote. Letzte Aktualisierung 3. Juni 2021. Geschichte
Mark Tully Foto
Mark Tully
britischer Journalist 1935

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Shankar Dayal Sharma Foto

„Pluralism has been central to India’s intellectual and spiritual heritage from ancient times. Respect for all religions and recognition of all religions as equally valid paths to truth constitute a national tradition.“

—  Shankar Dayal Sharma Indian politician 1918 - 1999

Commissions and Omissions by Indian Presidents and Their Conflicts with the Prime Ministers Under the Constitution: 1977-2001

Annie Besant Foto

„My own life in India, since I came to it in 1893 to make it my home, has been devoted to one purpose, to give back to India her ancient freedom.“

—  Annie Besant British socialist, theosophist, women's rights activist, writer and orator 1847 - 1933

Indian critiques of Gandhi http://books.google.co.in/books?id=inhDAAAAYAAJ, p. 82

Mahatma Gandhi Foto

„My life is dedicated to service of India through the religion of nonviolence which I believed to be the root of Hinduism.“

—  Mahatma Gandhi pre-eminent leader of Indian nationalism during British-ruled India 1869 - 1948

1920s, The Doctrine Of The Sword (1920)
Kontext: I am wedded to India because I owe my all to her. I believe absolutely that she has a mission for the world. She is not to copy Europe blindly, India's acceptance of the doctrine of the sword will be the hour of my trial. I hope I shall not be found wanting. My religion has no geographical limits. If I have a living faith in it, it will transcend my love for India herself. My life is dedicated to service of India through the religion of nonviolence which I believed to be the root of Hinduism.
Meanwhile I urge those who distrust me, not to disturb the even working of the struggle that has just commenced, by inciting to violence in the belief that I want violence I detest secrecy as a sin. Let them give nonviolence non co-operation a trial and they will find that I had no mental reservation whatsoever.

Max Müller Foto
Ariel Sharon Foto

„We are very much interested in developing and strengthening our relations with India because India is one of the most important countries in the world. We believe in democracy… I hope my visit will contribute to strengthening our relations with India.“

—  Ariel Sharon prime minister of Israel and Israeli general 1928 - 2014

Quelle: We want Strong Ties with India: Sharon, 9 September 2003, http://www.rediff.com/news/2003/sep/09sharon1.htm

Fali Sam Nariman Foto

„I have lived and flourished in a secular India. In the fullness of time if God wills, I would also like to die in a secular India.“

—  Fali Sam Nariman Indian politician 1929

Fali S. Nariman, ‘Before Memory Fades: An Autobiography

Shankar Dayal Sharma Foto
Sister Nivedita Foto

„I believe that India is one, indissoluble, indivisible.“

—  Sister Nivedita Scots-Irish social worker, author, teacher and a disciple of Swami Vivekananda 1867 - 1911

Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture
Nivedita of India
Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture
Kolkata (Calcutta, India )

Pierre Sonnerat Foto

„Ancient India gave to to the world its religions and philosophies: Egypt and Greece owe India their wisdom and it is known that Pythagoras went to India to study under Brahmins, who were the most enlightened of human beings.“

—  Pierre Sonnerat French botanist (1748-1814) 1748 - 1814

Quelle: quoted in Londhe, S. (2008). A tribute to Hinduism: Thoughts and wisdom spanning continents and time about India and her culture https://books.google.com/books/about/A_Tribute_to_Hinduism.html?id=G3AMAQAAMAAJ

Norman Mailer Foto

„Comfortless was my religion, anxiety of the anxieties, for I believed God was not love, but courage. Love came only as a reward.“

—  Norman Mailer, buch An American Dream

Stephen Rojack, in Ch. 7
An American Dream (1965)

Rajiv Malhotra Foto
William Dalrymple Foto
Johann Gottfried Herder Foto

„[India is the] lost paradise of all religions and philosophies," "the cradle of humanity," and also its "eternal home," and the great Orient "waiting to be discovered within ourselves."... "mankind's origins can be traced to India, where the human mind got the first shapes of wisdom and virtue with simplicity, strength and sublimity which has - frankly spoken - nothing, nothing at all equivalent in our philosophical, cold European world."... "O holy land (India), I salute thee, thou source of all music, thou voice of the heart' ... "Behold the East - cradle of the human race, of human emotion, of all religion."“

—  Johann Gottfried Herder German philosopher, theologian, poet, and literary critic 1744 - 1803

Quotes by Herder about India. Quoted from Londhe, S. (2008). A tribute to Hinduism: Thoughts and wisdom spanning continents and time about India and her culture. New Delhi: Pragun Publication. (quoting Ghosh, Pranebendranath Johann Gottfried Herder's Image of India (1900)p334, Singhal, Damodar P India and world Civilization Rupa and Co Calcutta 1993 p. 231)

Atal Bihari Vajpayee Foto

„I have a vision of India: an India free of hunger and fear, an India free of illiteracy and want. I dream of an India that is prosperous, strong and caring. An India, that regains a place of honour in the comity of great nations.“

—  Atal Bihari Vajpayee 10th Prime Minister of India 1924 - 2018

Vajpayee during his 1999 Independence Day speech. Quoted from Vajpayee No More: Here Are His Five Most Powerful Quotes https://swarajyamag.com/insta/vajpayee-no-more-here-are-his-five-most-powerful-quotes Swaraja, Aug 16 2018

Mircea Eliade Foto

„To believe that I could, at twenty-three, sacrifice history and culture for "the Absolute" was further proof that I had not understood India. My vocation was culture, not sainthood.“

—  Mircea Eliade Romanian historian of religion, fiction writer and philosopher 1907 - 1986

As quoted in Myth and Religion in Mircea Eliade (2002) by Douglas Allen, p. 216.

Mahatma Gandhi Foto

„If India adopted the doctrine of love as an active part of her religion and introduced it in her politics. Swaraj would descend upon India from heaven. But I am painfully aware that that event is far off as yet.“

—  Mahatma Gandhi pre-eminent leader of Indian nationalism during British-ruled India 1869 - 1948

"A Word of Explanation" in Young India (January 1921)

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