„As fish in the water love deep places and wells and are most frequently found there, so wicked men have a great love to carnal security and have no will to strive against the stream. Fish love deep places best where there is least noise. Oh, how careful are natural men to keep all quiet, that there may be nothing to disturb them in their rest in sin! They love to be secure which is their destruction. O my soul, beware of carnal security, of being secure, though plunged over head and ears in sin.“

—  Thomas Boston, Primary Sources, The Art of Manfishing, First published 1699.
Thomas Boston Foto
Thomas Boston3
Scottish church leader, theologian and philosopher 1676 - 1732

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„The friction among men, the inevitable antagonism, which is a mark of even the largest societies and political bodies, is used by Nature as a means to establish a condition of quiet and security.“

—  Immanuel Kant German philosopher 1724 - 1804
Idea for a Universal History from a Cosmopolitan Point of View (1784), Context: What is the use of working toward a lawful civic constitution among individuals, i. e., toward the creation of a commonwealth? The same unsociability which drives man to this causes any single commonwealth to stand in unrestricted freedom in relation to others; consequently, each of them must expect from another precisely the evil which oppressed the individuals and forced them to enter into a lawful civic state. The friction among men, the inevitable antagonism, which is a mark of even the largest societies and political bodies, is used by Nature as a means to establish a condition of quiet and security. Through war, through the taxing and never-ending accumulation of armament, through the want which any state, even in peacetime, must suffer internally, Nature forces them to make at first inadequate and tentative attempts; finally, after devastations, revolutions, and even complete exhaustion, she brings them to that which reason could have told them at the beginning and with far less sad experience, to wit, to step from the lawless condition of savages into a league of nations. In a league of nations, even the smallest state could expect security and justice, not from its own power and by its own decrees, but only from this great league of nations … from a united power acting according to decisions reached under the laws of their united will. Seventh Thesis

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„We have a president who apparently loves instability and revolution, and that is the antithesis [pointing at blackboard] of those two words, "Social Security."“

—  Glenn Beck U.S. talk radio and television host 1964
2010s, 2011, 2011-02-23 Glenn Beck Television Fox News 2011-02-24 Beck: "We Have A President Who Apparently Loves Instability and Revolution" 2011-02-23 Media Matters for America http://mediamatters.org/mmtv/201102230041 2011-02-24

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„Even in the common affairs of life, in love, friendship, and marriage, how little security have we when we trust our happiness in the hands of others!“

—  William Hazlitt English writer 1778 - 1830
Table Talk: Essays On Men And Manners http://www.blupete.com/Literature/Essays/TableHazIV.htm (1821-1822), "On Living to One's-Self"

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„My sins, my wild loves, and Fate herself
have all conspired against me.“

—  Luís de Camões Portuguese poet 1524 - 1580
Lyric poetry, Não pode tirar-me as esperanças, Erros meus, má fortuna, amor ardente, Erros meus, má fortuna, amor ardente Em minha perdição se conjuraram. Selected Sonnets: A Bilingual Edition (2008), ed. William Baer, p. 99

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„But of all motives, none is better adapted to secure influence and hold it fast than love; nothing is more foreign to that end than fear.“

—  Marcus Tullius Cicero Roman philosopher and statesman -106 - -43 v.Chr
De Officiis – On Duties (44 BC), Omnium autem rerum nec aptius est quicquam ad opes tuendas ac tenendas quam diligi nec alienius quam timeri. Book II, section 7; translation by Walter Miller

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„Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Etiam egestas wisi a erat. Morbi imperdiet, mauris ac auctor dictum.“