„Not only did waging war against Hitler fail to save the Jews, it may be that the war itself brought on the Final Solution of genocide. This is not to remove the responsibility from Hitler and the Nazis, but there is much evidence that Germany's anti-Semitic actions, cruel as they were, would not have turned to mass murder were it not for the psychic distortions of war, acting on already distorted minds. Hitler's early aim was forced emigration, not extermination, but the frenzy of it created an atmosphere in which the policy turned to genocide.“

Howard Zinn on War (2000), Ch. 21: Just and Unjust War

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Howard Zinn Foto
Howard Zinn
US-amerikanischer Historiker und Politikwissenschaftler 1922 - 2010

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„If war breaks out, I will fight for Hitler since such a war would be against Jewry.“

—  William Joyce British fascist and propaganda broadcaster 1906 - 1946

National Socialism Now.

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„I have never met anyone who wasn't against war. Even Hitler and Mussolini were, according to themselves.“

—  David Low (cartoonist) British cartoonist 1891 - 1963

New York Times Magazine, February 10, 1946.

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„Before the war [World War I] the anti-Semitic movement was of no political importance in Germany.“

—  Konrad Heiden German journalist and historian 1901 - 1966

Quelle: Hitler: A Biography (1936), p. 62

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