„The king was not marrying a princess; he was not giving in to the convention of arranged marriages between families of royal blood. No, he had fallen in love with a "little Iranian girl" and, as in fairy tails, he was going to follow his heart.“

—  Farah Diba

Page 91
Publications, An Enduring Love: My Life with the Shah (2004)

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Farah Diba Foto
Farah Diba5
iranische Kaiserin 1938

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„He didn't marry you to become king. He became king because he wanted to marry you.“

—  Megan Whalen Turner, The King of Attolia

Quelle: The King of Attolia

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„How can a man marry wisely in his twenties? The girl he's going to wind up wanting hasn't even been born.“

—  Mignon McLaughlin American journalist 1913 - 1983

The Complete Neurotic's Notebook (1981), Marriage

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„Fallen, fallen, fallen, fallen,
Fallen from his high estate,
And welt'ring in his blood;
Deserted, at his utmost need,
By those his former bounty fed,
On the bare earth exposed he lies,
With not a friend to close his eyes.“

—  John Dryden English poet and playwright of the XVIIth century 1631 - 1700

Quelle: Alexander’s Feast http://www.bartleby.com/40/265.html (1697), l. 77–83.

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„He was getting to be a little old for combat or for princesses, but what was worse, he had become a lot more cynical without having become even slightly the wiser.“

—  James Blish, buch The Quincunx of Time

Prologue, “A Frame on Randolph” (p. 18)
The Quincunx of Time (1973)

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„Was he married, did he try
To support as he grew less fond of them
Wife and family?“

—  Stevie Smith poet, novelist, illustrator, performer 1902 - 1971

"Was He Married?"
Selected Poems (1962)

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