„Every good mathematician is at least half a philosopher, and every good philosopher is at least half a mathematician.“

Attributed to Frege in: A. A. B. Aspeitia (2000), Mathematics as grammar: 'Grammar' in Wittgenstein's philosophy of mathematics during the Middle Period, Indiana University, p. 25

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Gottlob Frege Foto
Gottlob Frege5
deutscher Mathematiker, Logiker und Philosoph 1848 - 1925

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Gottlob Frege Foto

„A philosopher who has no connection to geometry is only half a philosopher, and a mathematician who has no philosophical vein is only half a mathematician.“

—  Gottlob Frege mathematician, logician, philosopher 1848 - 1925

Original: (de) Ein Philosoph, der keine Beziehung zur Geometrie hat, ist nur ein halber Philosoph, und ein Mathematiker, der keine philosophische Ader hat, ist nur ein halber Mathematiker.

Gottlob Frege: Erkenntnisquellen der Mathematik und der mathematischen Naturwissenschaften, 1924/1925, submitted to Wissenschaftliche Grundlagen; posthumously published in: Frege, Gottlob: Nachgelassene Schriften und Wissenschaftlicher Briefwechsel. Felix Meiner Verlag, 1990, p. 293

George Eliot Foto

„Every man who is not a monster, a mathematician, or a mad philosopher, is the slave of some woman or other.“

—  George Eliot, buch Scenes of Clerical Life

"The Sad Fortunes of the Rev. Amos Barton" Ch. 4
Scenes of Clerical Life (1858)

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Paul R. Halmos Foto

„Possibly philosophers would look on us mathematicians the same way as we look on the technicians, if they dared.“

—  Paul R. Halmos American mathematician 1916 - 2006

I Want to be a Mathematician: An Automathography (1985)
Kontext: Mathematics is not a deductive science — that's a cliché. When you try to prove a theorem, you don't just list the hypotheses, and then start to reason. What you do is trial and error, experimentation, guesswork. You want to find out what the facts are, and what you do is in that respect similar to what a laboratory technician does. Possibly philosophers would look on us mathematicians the same way as we look on the technicians, if they dared.

Carl Friedrich Gauss Foto

„I mean the word proof not in the sense of the lawyers, who set two half proofs equal to a whole one, but in the sense of a mathematician, where ½ proof = 0, and it is demanded for proof that every doubt becomes impossible.“

—  Carl Friedrich Gauss German mathematician and physical scientist 1777 - 1855

In a letter to Heinrich Wilhelm Matthias Olbers (14 May 1826), defending Chevalier d'Angos against presumption of guilt (by Johann Franz Encke and others), of having falsely claimed to have discovered a comet in 1784; as quoted in Calculus Gems (1992) by George F. Simmons

Gaston Bachelard Foto

„Two half philosophers will probably never a whole metaphysician make.“

—  Gaston Bachelard French writer and philosopher 1884 - 1962

A Retrospective Glance at the Lifework of a Master of Books
Fragments of a Poetics of Fire (1988)

Adam Smith Foto

„By nature a philosopher is not in genius and disposition half so different from a street porter“

—  Adam Smith Scottish moral philosopher and political economist 1723 - 1790

Quelle: The Wealth of Nations (1776), Book I, Chapter II, p. 17.
Kontext: By nature a philosopher is not in genius and disposition half so different from a street porter, as a mastiff is from a greyhound

David Hilbert Foto

„Good, he did not have enough imagination to become a mathematician.“

—  David Hilbert German prominent mathematician 1862 - 1943

Upon hearing that one of his students had dropped out to study poetry, as quoted in [http://books.google.com/?id=nnpChqstvg0C&pg=PA151 The Universal Book of Mathematics (2004) by David J. Darling, p. 151

Philip José Farmer Foto

„Know a man’s faith, and you knew at least half the man. Know his wife, and you knew the other half.“

—  Philip José Farmer American science fiction writer 1918 - 2009

Quelle: The Riverworld series, To Your Scattered Bodies Go (1971), Chapter 23 (p. 176)
Kontext: Burton, though an infidel, made it his business to investigate thoroughly every religion. Know a man’s faith, and you knew at least half the man. Know his wife, and you knew the other half.

Eric Temple Bell Foto

„Out of fifty mathematical papers presented in brief at such a meeting, it is a rare mathematician indeed who really understands what more than half a dozen are about.“

—  Eric Temple Bell mathematician and science fiction author born in Scotland who lived in the United States for most of his life 1883 - 1960

Quelle: Mathematics: Queen and Servant of Science (1938), p. 7

Luc de Clapiers, Marquis de Vauvenargues Foto

„Clarity is the good faith of philosophers“

—  Luc de Clapiers, Marquis de Vauvenargues French writer, a moralist 1715 - 1747

La clarté est la bonne foi des philosophes
Maxim 729, Réflexions et maximes ("Reflections and Maxims") (1746).

David Levithan Foto
Elbert Hubbard Foto

„Good people are only half as good, and bad people only half as bad, as other people regard them.“

—  Elbert Hubbard American writer, publisher, artist, and philosopher fue el escritor del jarron azul 1856 - 1915

C. P. Scott Foto

„Television? The word is half Latin and half Greek. No good can come of it.“

—  C. P. Scott British journalist, publisher and politician 1846 - 1932

The story of BBC Television - How it all began http://www.bbc.co.uk/historyofthebbc/research/general/tvstory1

James Mace Foto

„Just as one cannot study the Holocaust without becoming half Jewish in spirit, one cannot study the Famine and not become at least half Ukrainian.“

—  James Mace American historian of the Ukraine 1952 - 2004

"Legacy of the Famine: Ukraine as a postgenocidal society" in The Day (February 18, 2003) http://www.day.kiev.ua/en/article/close/legacy-famine-ukraine-postgenocidal-society

Richard Dawkins Foto
George Soros Foto

„Now, there is a good foundation for this. But it's a half-truth.“

—  George Soros Hungarian-American business magnate, investor, and philanthropist 1930

Interview with David Brancaccio (2003)
Kontext: The Republican Party has been captured by a bunch of extremists … People who maintain that markets will take care of everything, that you leave it to the markets and the markets know best. Therefore, you need no government, no interference with business. Let everybody pursue his own interests. And that will serve the common interest. Now, there is a good foundation for this. But it's a half-truth.

Alain de Botton Foto

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