„It is important to realize that the market economy, though it is associated historically with the rise of modern private capitalism, is as a mechanism not necessarily limited to that system.“

—  Daniel Bell, buch The Cultural Contradictions of Capitalism

Quelle: The Cultural Contradictions of Capitalism (1976), Chapter 6, The Public Household, p. 223

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Daniel Bell Foto
Daniel Bell
US-amerikanischer Soziologe 1919 - 2011

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Barry Eichengreen Foto
Maurice Allais Foto

„In fact, without any exaggeration, the current mechanism of money creation through credit is certainly the "cancer" that's irretrievably eroding market economies of private property.“

—  Maurice Allais French economist; 1988 winner of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics 1911 - 2010

[Maurice Allais, La Crise mondiale d’aujourd’hui. Pour de profondes réformes des institutions financières et monétaires, Editions Clément Juglar, Paris, 1999, 74, 2-908735-11-3]

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Thomas Friedman Foto

„The historical debate is over. The answer is free-market capitalism.“

—  Thomas Friedman, buch The Lexus and the Olive Tree

[The Lexus and the Olive Tree: Understanding Globalization, 1st edition, May 2, 2000, Anchor, ISBN 0-3854-9934-5, The Golden Straitjacket]

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Karl Polanyi Foto

„Market economy implies a self-regulating system of markets; in slightly more technical terms, it is an economy directed by market prices and nothing but market prices.“

—  Karl Polanyi, buch The Great Transformation

The Great Transformation (1944), Ch. 4 : Societies and Economic Systems

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Vladimir Lenin Foto

„The parallel existence and mutual interaction of "state" and "market" in the modern world create "political economy"; without both state and market there could be no political economy.“

—  Robert Gilpin Political scientist 1930 - 2018

Quelle: The Political Economy of International Relations (1987), Chapter One, Nature of Political Economy, p. 8

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Ernest Mandel Foto
David Korten Foto
David Korten Foto

„In the 1980s capitalism triumphed over communism. In the 1990s it triumphed over democracy and the market economy.“

—  David Korten writer, sustainability advocate 1937

The Post-Corporate World: Life After Capitalism (2012)

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Ted Budd Foto
David McNally Foto

„What was it, then, about the development of capitalism that gave rise to modern racial ideology?“

—  David McNally Canadian political scientist 1953

Quelle: Another World Is Possible : Globalization and Anti-capitalism (2002), Chapter 4, The Colour Of Money, p. 112

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