„What modern art means is that you have to keep finding new ways to express yourself, to express the problems, that there are no settled ways, no fixed approach. This is a painful situation, and modern art is about this painful situation of having no absolutely definite way of expressing yourself.“

Louise Bourgeois: a web of emotions, 2010

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Louise Bourgeois Foto
Louise Bourgeois6
französisch-US-amerikanische Bildhauerin und Malerin 1911 - 2010

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Hendrik Werkman Foto

„For me, life would be worthless if there was not modern art and if I did not had the opportunity to express myself in it anyhow, now that I have gradually found the way I can express myself.“

—  Hendrik Werkman Dutch artist 1882 - 1945

version in original Dutch (origineel citaat van Hendrik Werkman, in het Nederlands): Voor mij zou het leven waardeloos zijn als er niet de moderne kunst was en als ik niet de mogelijkheid had om me daarin te uiten op welke manier dan ook, nu ik de wijze waarop ik mij kan uiten langzamerhand heb gevonden.
Quote of Werkman in his letter to August Henkels, June 1942, as cited by Doeke Sijens in H. N. Werkman - Leven & Werk - 1882-1945, ed. A. de Vries, J. van der Spek, D. Sijens, M. Jansen; WBooks, Groninger Museum / Stichting Werkman, 2015 (transl: Fons Heijnsbroek), p. 64

Ai Weiwei Foto
Shunryu Suzuki Foto
Ai Weiwei Foto
Burt Lancaster Foto
Bruce Lee Foto
Gloria Steinem Foto

„You're always the* person you were when you were born," she says impatiently. "You just keep finding new ways to express it.“

—  Gloria Steinem American feminist and journalist 1934

My Life on The Road
Quelle: My Life on the Road

Marsden Hartley Foto

„They are the gateway for our modern esthetic development, the prophets of the new time. They are most of all, the primitives of the way they have begun; they have voiced most of all the imperative need of essential personalism, of direct expression of direct experience.“

—  Marsden Hartley American artist 1877 - 1943

Quote from Whitman and Cézanne, in Adventures in the Arts, New York, Boni Liveright 1921; as cited in Marsden Hartley, by Gail R. Scott, Abbeville Publishers, Cross River Press, 1988, New York p. 34
1921 - 1930

„Destroying the country is not a solution. These demonstrations are a way to express frustration but it is not the solution. We have to find a way to talk.“

—  Désinord Jean 1967

In Haiti, bishops call on government for urgent action to quell ‘fratricidal warfare’ https://www.churchinneed.org/in-haiti-bishops-call-on-government-for-urgent-action-to-quell-fratricidal-warfare/ (10 October 2019)

Jacoba van Heemskerck Foto

„Once again I talked with some painters, but the modern artists [in The Netherlands ] write more than they paint. If you write about art in such a way and you want to paint always with a fixed plan, then you will lose completely the deep, glorious and spontaneous art. You always have to create the new from the very deep, inside.“

—  Jacoba van Heemskerck Dutch painter 1876 - 1923

translation from German, Fons Heijnsbroek, 2018
(original version, written by Jacoba in German:) Ich habe wieder einige Maler gesprochen, aber die Modernen [in Nederland] schreiben mehr als sie malen. Wenn man so über Kunst schreibt und immer so mit einem festen Plan malen will, dan verliert man ganz und gar die tiefe, herrliche, spontane Kunst. Man muss so ganz tief heraus immer Neuses schaffen.
in a letter to Herwarth Walden, 23 July 1915; the 'Sturm'-Archive, Berlin
very probably Jacoba is refering here to the Dutch Stijl-artists, as Piet Mondrian and Theo v. Doesburg

Ai Weiwei Foto
Luciano Pavarotti Foto
Sadhguru Foto
Thor Heyerdahl Foto
Jackson Pollock Foto
Ai Weiwei Foto

„To express yourself needs a reason, but expressing yourself is the reason.“

—  Ai Weiwei Chinese concept artist 1957

2010-, Ai Weiwei: The Dissident, 2011

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