„The Rally Man's patter ran on through the dawn
Until we said so long to his skull
Shrill yell.“

—  Lou Reed, Black Angel's Death Song
Lou Reed Foto
Lou Reed1
US-amerikanischer Musiker 1942 - 2013

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Rita Rudner Foto

„We did long for the pitter-patter of little feet, so we decided to buy a dog. Cheaper, and… get more feet.“

—  Rita Rudner American comedian 1953
When Dr. Katz asks whether she and her husband have discussed children Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist, "Real Estate" [2.02], 29 October 1995

Angus King Foto

„We have serious problems in this country but we can't begin to solve them until we solve this shrill deadlock.“

—  Angus King United States Senator from Maine 1944
Context: I'm giving it some thought for the very reason that Olympia quit. It's just not working down there and maybe we need to try something different. … We have serious problems in this country but we can't begin to solve them until we solve this shrill deadlock. Stating that he was considering a run as an Independent for US Senate after Olympia Snowe's surprise announcement that she would be retiring from it, as quoted in "Olympia Snowe Retirement Causes Maine Scramble" in the Associated Press (29 February 2012) http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/02/29/olympia-snowe-retirement-maine_n_1310524.html

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Rick Riordan Foto
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Rick Riordan Foto
Fabius Maximus Foto

„To his friends he said that he thought the man who feared gibes and jeers was more of a coward than the one who ran away from the enemy.“

—  Fabius Maximus politician and soldier
Moralia: Sayings of Kings and Commanders, Plutarch; English translation by Frank Cole Babbitt Variant translation by Goodwin:<br/>He that is afraid of scoffs and reproaches is more a coward than he that flies from the enemy.

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