„It happens that the stage sets collapse. Rising, streetcar, four hours in the office or the factory, meal, streetcar, four hours of work, meal, sleep and Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday and Saturday according to the same rhythm — this path is easily followed most of the time. But one day the "why" arises and everything begins in that weariness tinged with amazement.“

—  Albert Camus, buch Der Mythos des Sisyphos, The Myth of Sisyphus (1942), An Absurd Reasoning
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Albert Camus98
französischer Schriftsteller und Philosoph 1913 - 1960

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„Blue Monday how I hate Blue Monday
Got to work like a slave all day
Here come Tuesday, oh hard Tuesday
I'm so tired got no time to play“

—  Fats Domino American R&B musician 1928 - 2017
Misattributed, Blue Monday (1954); the lyrics to the song are by Dave Bartholomew, with Domino later credited as co-writer for his musical revisions to the song in 1956.

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„Eight hours of work, eight hours of play, eight hours of sleep - eight hours a day! (From the Haymarket era eight hour campaign)“

—  Bill Haywood Labor organizer 1869 - 1928
(Haywood variation) Eight hours of work, eight hours of play, eight hours of sleep - and eight dollars a day! Roughneck, The Life and Times of Big Bill Haywood, Peter Carlson, 1983, page 147.

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„Six hours in sleep, in law's grave study six,
Four spend in prayer, the rest on Nature fix.“

—  Edward Coke English lawyer and judge 1552 - 1634
Translation of lines quoted by Coke. Compare: "Seven hours to law, to soothing slumber seven; Ten to the world allot, and all to heaven" - Sir William Jones.

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„No matter how much money you earn, you can only eat three meals a day and sleep in one bed.“

—  Arsène Wenger French footballer and manager 1949
On Nicolas Anelka, (July 1999) http://archive.is/20130109094446/markarbouine.tripod.com/quotes/quotes3.htm

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