„The things we meet in life constitute the raw material from which we may build a larger life and a greater destiny Whatever you meet, be it pleasing or otherwise, remember it is raw material. You can take that material and turn it to excellent use in the creating of a stronger personality, a more brilliant mind and a more beautiful soul.“

—  Christian D. Larson, What is Truth (1912)
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Christian D. Larson17
Prolific author of metaphysical and New Thought books 1874 - 1962

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„You are born with two things: existence and opportunity, and these are the raw materials out of which you can make a successful life.“

—  Charles Templeton Canadian cartoonist, evangelist, agnostic, politician, newspaper editor, inventor, broadcaster and author 1915 - 2001
Succeeding (1989)

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„Even in the most insignificant details of our daily life, none of us can be said to constitute a material whole, which is identical for everyone, and need only be turned up like a page in an account-book or the record of a will; our social personality is created by the thoughts of other people.“

—  Marcel Proust, buch In Search of Lost Time
In Search of Lost Time, Remembrance of Things Past (1913-1927), Vol I: Swann's Way (1913), Même au point de vue des plus insignifiantes choses de la vie, nous ne sommes pas un tout matériellement constitué, identique pour tout le monde et dont chacun n'a qu'à aller prendre connaissance comme d'un cahier des charges ou d'un testament; notre personnalité sociale est une création de la pensée des autres. "Overture"

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„Religion and education meet in their responsibility to make possible the abundant life—the terms are intellectual and spiritual, rather than material. Humane living is assured only to those … who have disciplined themselves to choose and who have the ardor to strive for the excellent “with heart and soul and mind.”“

—  Aurelia Henry Reinhardt American educator and social activist 1877 - 1948
Address at Ohio State University, 1940, as quoted in Unitarian Universalist Women's Heritage Society Archives, 3 July 2018, Aurelia Isabel Henry Reinhardt (1877-1948) http://www.uuwhs.org/womenwest.php,

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Patti Smith Foto
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„Some material things make my life more enjoyable; many, however, would not.“

—  Warren Buffett American business magnate, investor, and philanthropist 1930
Context: Some material things make my life more enjoyable; many, however, would not. I like having an expensive private plane, but owning a half-dozen homes would be a burden. Too often, a vast collection of possessions ends up possessing its owner. The asset I most value, aside from health, is interesting, diverse, and long-standing friends. My wealth has come from a combination of living in America, some lucky genes, and compound interest. Both my children and I won what I call the ovarian lottery. (For starters, the odds against my 1930 birth taking place in the U. S. were at least 30 to 1. My being male and white also removed huge obstacles that a majority of Americans then faced.) My luck was accentuated by my living in a market system that sometimes produces distorted results, though overall it serves our country well. I’ve worked in an economy that rewards someone who saves the lives of others on a battlefield with a medal, rewards a great teacher with thank-you notes from parents, but rewards those who can detect the mispricing of securities with sums reaching into the billions. In short, fate’s distribution of long straws is wildly capricious. The reaction of my family and me to our extraordinary good fortune is not guilt, but rather gratitude. Were we to use more than 1% of my claim checks on ourselves, neither our happiness nor our well-being would be enhanced. In contrast, that remaining 99% can have a huge effect on the health and welfare of others. That reality sets an obvious course for me and my family: Keep all we can conceivably need and distribute the rest to society, for its needs. My pledge starts us down that course. " My Philanthropic Pledge http://givingpledge.org/pdf/letters/Buffett_Letter.pdf" at the The Giving Pledge (2010)

„Beauty will snatch us by the heart
and love us until we are raw with understanding.“

—  Aberjhani author 1957
Book Sources, I Made My Boy Out of Poetry (1998), from (Calligraphy of Intimacy, p. 7).

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