„Asexual reproduction by females, parthenogenesis, is not only possible but it still occurs here and there in the modern world, pernaps as an atavistic survival of the once only means of reproduction in an all female world.“

—  Elizabeth Gould Davis, buch The First Sex

The First Sex, ch.1 - Woman and the Second Sex (1971).

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Elizabeth Gould Davis12
American writer 1910 - 1974

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„The objective world is only “material”: it’s there, but it could be there in a great many different forms and aspects…Even here there [are] still possibilities“

—  Northrop Frye Canadian literary critic and literary theorist 1912 - 1991

"Quotes", The "Third Book" Notebooks of Northrop Frye, 1964–1972 (2002)
Kontext: The objective world is only “material”: it’s there, but it could be there in a great many different forms and aspects... Even here there [are] still possibilities: it can’t be just anything. But perhaps extracting a finite schema from the variety of mythologies, literatures, or religions might contribute something to the understanding of what some of these possibilities could be. The individual can’t create his own world, except in art or fantasy: society can only create a myth of concern. What fun if one could get just a peep at what some of the other worlds are that a new humanity could create–no, live in. (p. 287-8)

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„Many people think that female circumcision only started with the advent of Islam.“

—  Nawal El-Saadawi Egyptian feminist writer, activist, physician and psychiatrist 1931

The Hidden Face of Eve (1980)
Kontext: Many people think that female circumcision only started with the advent of Islam. But as a matter of fact it is well known and widespread in some areas of the world before the Islamic era, including the Arabian peninsula. Mohammad the Prophet tried to oppose this custom since he considered it harmful to the sexual health of the woman.

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„Love is not dependency or sex, but is friendship, and, therefore, love can't exist between two males, between a male and a female or between two females, one or both of whom is a mindless, insecure, pandering male; like conversation it can exist only between two secure, free-wheeling, independent, groovy female females, as friendship is based on“

—  Valerie Solanas American radical feminist and writer. Attempted to assassinate Andy Warhol. 1936 - 1988

respect, not contempt.
Quelle: SCUM MANIFESTO (1967), p. 10 ("respect, not contempt." (not bracketed in original) not certain in original due to truncation of bottom of photocopy page but consistent with it).

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„We don't have a clue what it is to be male or female, or if there are intermediate genders. Male and female might be fields which overlap into androgyny or different kinds of sexual desires. But because we live in a Western, patriarchal world, we have very little chance of exploring these gender possibilities.“

—  Kathy Acker American novelist, playwright, essayist, and poet 1947 - 1997

As quoted in "Eve Experts" at Real World Multimedia (2004) https://web.archive.org/web/20040318235408/http://www.realworldmultimedia.com/legacy/eve/info/experts/k_acker.html

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