„Death is an eternal sleep.“

Inscription placed by his orders on the Gates of the Cemeteries in 1794; reported in Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. (1919).

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Joseph Fouché Foto
Joseph Fouché1
französischer Polizeiminister vor und nach der Revolution, … 1759 - 1820

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Maximilien Robespierre Foto

„Death is not "an eternal sleep!"“

—  Maximilien Robespierre French revolutionary lawyer and politician 1758 - 1794

Citizens! efface from the tomb that motto, graven by sacrilegious hands, which spreads over all nature a funereal crape, takes from oppressed innocence its support, and affronts the beneficent dispensation of death! Inscribe rather thereon these words: "Death is the commencement of immortality!"
Quelle: Last speech to the National Convention http://www.bartleby.com/268/7/24.html (26 July 1794)

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Nas Foto

„I never sleep, cause sleep is the cousin of death“

—  Nas American rapper, record producer and entrepreneur 1973

N.Y. State of Mind
On Albums, Illmatic (1994)

Isaac Asimov Foto

„There is nothing frightening about an eternal dreamless sleep. Surely it is better than eternal torment in Hell and eternal boredom in Heaven.“

—  Isaac Asimov American writer and professor of biochemistry at Boston University, known for his works of science fiction and popular … 1920 - 1992

Virgil Foto

„Death's own brother Sleep.“

—  Virgil, Aeneid

Original: (la) Consanguineus Leti Sopor.
Quelle: Aeneid (29–19 BC), Book VI, Line 278 (tr. Fairclough)

Hesiod Foto

„Night, having Sleep, the brother of Death.“

—  Hesiod Greek poet

Quelle: The Theogony (c. 700 BC), line 754.

Nisargadatta Maharaj Foto
Maximilien Robespierre Foto
Torquato Tasso Foto

„For little differs death and heavy sleep.“

—  Torquato Tasso Italian poet 1544 - 1595

Dal sonno alla morte è un picciol varco.
Canto IX, stanza 18 (tr. Fairfax)
Gerusalemme Liberata (1581)

Garth Nix Foto

„Time and death sleep side by side.“

—  Garth Nix, buch Abhorsen

Variante: "Time and death sleep side by side," said the Dog. "Both are in Astrael's Domain."
Quelle: Old Kingdom series (The Abhorsen Trilogy), Abhorsen (2003), p. 64.

Homér Foto

„There she encountered Sleep, the brother of Death.“

—  Homér, Ilias

XIV. 231 (tr. R. Lattimore).
Iliad (c. 750 BC)
Original: (el) Ἔνθ' Ὕπνῳ ξύμβλητο κασιγνήτῳ Θανάτοιο.

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Lucy Larcom Foto

„Eternal life and eternal death; what do these words mean?“

—  Lucy Larcom American teacher, poet, author 1824 - 1893

Journal entry (2 March 1861), Ch. 5 : The Beginning of the War.
Kontext: Eternal life and eternal death; what do these words mean? This is the question that comes up again and again. It has recently been brought up by those whom I am appointed to instruct; and the question with its answer, brings new and fearful responsibility with every return. I am more and more convinced that the idea of duration is not the one that affects us most: for here it has proved that those who are least careful about what they are in heart and life, are trying hardest to convince themselves and others that the "doctrine of eternal punishment" is not true. By making themselves believe that to be the all-important question, they draw off their own and others' attention from the really momentous one, — "Am I living the eternal life? Is it begun in me now?"
And now I see why I have questioned whether it was right in me to express my own doubts of this very doctrine. The final renovation of all souls, their restoration to life in holiness and love, is certainly a hope of mine that is not without a strong infusion of confidence; but I dare not say it is a belief; because both reason and revelation have left it in deep mystery; and the expression of any such belief does not seem to me likely to help others much; certainly not those who are indolent or indifferent regarding the true Christian life.
Then the "loss of the soul" is in plain language spoken of by our Lord as possible. What can that mean, but the loss of life in Him? the loss of ennobling aspirations, of the love of all good, of the power of seeing and seeking truth? And if this is possible to us now, by our own choice, why not forever? — since, as free beings, our choice must always be in our own power?
The truth that we must all keep before us, in order to be growing better forever, is that life is love and holiness; death, selfishness and sin; then it is a question of life and death to be grappled with in the deep places of every soul.

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John Fletcher Foto

„Let no man fear to die: We love to sleep all,
And death is but the sounder sleep.“

—  John Fletcher, The Humorous Lieutenant

Act III, scene 6.
The Humorous Lieutenant (c. 1619; published 1647)

Homér Foto

„An irresistible sleep fell deeply on his eyes, the sweetest,
soundest oblivion, still as the sleep of death itself…“

—  Homér, The Odyssey (Cowper)

XIII. 79–80 (tr. Robert Fagles).
Odyssey (c. 725 BC)
Original: (el) Καὶ τῷ νήδυμος ὕπνος ἐπὶ βλεφάροισιν ἔπιπτε,
νήγρετος ἥδιστος, θανάτῳ ἄγχιστα ἐοικώς.

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