„It took me over three years to get the beret and the most enriching part of the experience was getting to know men for whom you would have given your life on the battlefield. It is a big thing to say there are people who are not your family for whom you would give up your life. But that is how close we became.“

—  Lewis Pugh

p 150-1, describing his time in the British SAS
Achieving The Impossible (2010)

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Lewis Pugh Foto
Lewis Pugh
britischer Extremsportler 1969

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Jay Samit Foto
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Eckhart Tolle Foto

„One thing we do know: Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness. How do you know this is the experience you need? Because this is the experience you are having at this moment.“

—  Eckhart Tolle German writer 1948

Variante: Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness. How do you know this is the experience you need? Because this is the experience you are having at the moment.
Quelle: A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose

Derek Walcott Foto

„You will love again the stranger who was your self.
Give wine. Give bread. Give back your heart
to itself, to the stranger who has loved you all your life, whom you ignored
for another, who knows you by heart.“

—  Derek Walcott Saint Lucian–Trinidadian poet and playwright 1930 - 2017

"Love after Love"
Quelle: "A Far Cry from Africa" (1962), Collected Poems, 1948-1984 (1986)

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„What horrible things would you have to do in your life to get woven into Hades' underwear?“

—  Rick Riordan, buch Percy Jackson – Diebe im Olymp

Quelle: The Lightning Thief

Greg Behrendt Foto

„… you are defined by how you live your life, not whom you live it with, and certainly not by what you gave up to be with that person.“

—  Greg Behrendt American comedian 1963

Quelle: It's Called a Breakup Because It's Broken: The Smart Girl's Break-Up Buddy

Bhakti Tirtha Swami Foto

„Realize that the people in your present environment might very well be the people with whom you will live out your life, and who will be with you at the time of death.“

—  Bhakti Tirtha Swami American Hindu writer 1950 - 2005

Quelle: Books, Spiritual Warrior, Volume III: Solace for the Heart in Difficult Times (Hari-Nama Press, 2000), Chapter 9 - Serving the World Community

Robin S. Sharma Foto

„It's not what you will get out of the books that is so enriching - it is what the books will get out of you that will ultimately change your life“

—  Robin S. Sharma Canadian self help writer 1965

Quelle: The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari: A Fable About Fulfilling Your Dreams Reaching Your Destiny

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„Take a close look at the part that "love" plays in your life. Make an inventory of love: people, things, ideas, experiences. Try to live your gratitude.“

—  Patch Adams Physician, activist, diplomat, author 1945

Quelle: House Calls: How we can all heal the world one visit at a time (1998), p. 10

Statius Foto

„Sweet semblance of the children who have forsaken me, Archemorus, solace of my lost estate and country, pride of my servitude, what guilty gods took your life, my joy, whom but now in parting I left at play, crushing the grasses as you hastened in your forward crawl? Ah, where is your starry face? Where your words unfinished in constricted sounds, and laughs and gurgles that only I could understand? How often would I talk to you of Lemnos and the Argo and lull you to sleep with my long tale of woe!“
O mihi desertae natorum dulcis imago, Archemore, o rerum et patriae solamen ademptae seruitiique decus, qui te, mea gaudia, sontes extinxere dei, modo quem digressa reliqui lascivum et prono uexantem gramina cursu? heu ubi siderei vultus? ubi verba ligatis imperfecta sonis risusque et murmura soli intellecta mihi? quotiens tibi Lemnon et Argo sueta loqui et longa somnum suadere querela!

—  Statius, buch Thebaid

Quelle: Thebaid, Book V, Line 608

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