„We had a bubble in housing.“

— Alan Greenspan, The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer (18 September 2007), "[http://youtube.com/watch?v=yU4WjhijOMY Alan Greenspan Interview with Jim Lehrer]".

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Alan Greenspan3
US-amerikanischer Wirtschaftswissenschaftler und Vorsitze... 1926

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Adlai Stevenson Foto

„We must not burn down the house to kill the rats.“

— Adlai Stevenson mid-20th-century Governor of Illinois and Ambassador to the UN 1900 - 1965
Context: The whole notion of loyalty inquisitions is a national characteristic of the police state, not of democracy. The history of Soviet Russia is a modern example of this ancient practice. I must, in good conscience, protest against any unnecessary suppression of our rights as free men. We must not burn down the house to kill the rats. Voicing opposition to the McCarran Internal Security Act of 1950

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Fernando Pessoa Foto

„We adore perfection because we can't have it; it would disgust us if we had it. Perfect is inhuman, because human is imperfect.“

— Fernando Pessoa, The Book of Disquiet
Original: Adoramos a perfeição, porque não a podemos ter; repugná-la-íamos, se a tivéssemos. O perfeito é o desumano, porque o humano é imperfeito. Ibid., p. 249

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 E.M.S Foto

„First shot, second shot, a nigga down, had too many drinks, yeah, we know.“

—  E.M.S Nigerian rapper, singer and record producer 1995

Bram Stoker Foto

„Welcome to my house! Enter freely. Go safely, and leave something of the happiness you bring.“

— Bram Stoker Irish novelist and short story writer, best known today for his 1897 Gothic novel Dracula 1847 - 1912

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Tupac Shakur Foto