„In the 78 years since I was born in what I hope I am still entitled to call Calcutta - not Tollygunge - all this has rightly been swept aside, and my life bears no resemblance to my childhood. Almost all my friends in India are Indian. I have an Indian son-in-law and an Indian daughter-in-law. I do know an Indian language, although I would know it a lot better if more people would speak to me in Hindi rather than English.“

—  Mark Tully

Why Mark Tully needs a Calcutta birth certificate at 78, 2013

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Mark Tully Foto
Mark Tully
britischer Journalist 1935

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„Long ago I studied the ancient Indian languages, and while I was chiefly interested at that time in philosophy, I read a little poetry too; and I know that my own poetry shows the influence of Indian thought and sensibility.“

—  T.S. Eliot 20th century English author 1888 - 1965

Quelle: Notes Towards the Definition of Culture, T.S. Eliot. Quoted from Gewali, Salil (2013). Great Minds on India. New Delhi: Penguin Random House.

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„Just because we do not speak Hindi does not mean we are not Indians.“

—  Tathagata Satpathy Indian politician 1956

On the proposal that Hindi be made the national language, as quoted " Is 'secularism' really being misused? http://www.business-standard.com/article/opinion/is-secularism-really-being-misused-115112700107_1.html" Business Standard (27 November 2015)

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„She says she was the only south Indian actress who could speak Hindi without a South Indian accent, at the time.“

—  Vyjayanthimala Indian actress, politician & dancer 1936

In "There's no slowing down for Vyjayanthimala".

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„No Indian nationalist leader ever needed to say: We have created India; now all we need to do is to create Indians.“

—  Shashi Tharoor Indian politician, diplomat, author 1956

Rediff News, "Who is an Indian?", Available Online http://www.rediff.com/republic/2000/apr/06shashi.htm, April 6, 2000

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