„I used to believe that if my career was going great, then I was not entitled to a great personal life. Well, I've stopped thinking that way. I believe I can have it all.“

Barry Koltnow (April 1, 2004) "Halle, them's the breaks", The Advertiser, p. 048

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Halle Berry Foto
Halle Berry
US-amerikanische Schauspielerin 1966

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Donald J. Trump Foto

„I think that I would be a great uniter. I think that I would have great diplomatic skills. I think that I would be able to get along with people very well. I've had a great success in my life. I think the world would unite if I were the leader of the United States.“

—  Donald J. Trump 45th President of the United States of America 1946

2010s, 2015
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Trump: 'World would unite if I were the leader'

Jesse Byrnes

The Hill


Baruch Spinoza Foto

„I have had, for my entire life, an extraordinary esteem for the person and for the thinking of that great philosopher. But I do not believe that attitude gives me the right to say anything publically about him, for the good reason that I would have nothing to say that has not been said by others.“

—  Baruch Spinoza Dutch philosopher 1632 - 1677

Sigmund Freud, in a letter to Siegfried Hessing. As quoted in António Damásio's Looking for Spinoza: Joy, Sorrow, and the Feeling Brain (Orlando, FL: Harcourt, 2003)
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Charles Krauthammer Foto
George W. Bush Foto

„…I believe that we're going to win; I believe that -- and by the way, if I didn't think that, I wouldn't have our troops there. That's what you got to know. We're going to succeed.“

—  George W. Bush 43rd President of the United States 1946

In response to a question concerning Bush stating two months prior "Absolutely we're winning" in Iraq and then saying in the Washington Post "We're not winning, we're not losing." Press Conference http://georgewbush-whitehouse.archives.gov/news/releases/2006/12/20061220-1.html from the White House Indian Treaty Room (December 20, 2006)
2000s, 2006

„I often thought this country might end up being a great country for my grandkids. Now I believe it can be a great one for my kids.“

—  Sean Pittman 1968

The Associated Press. Voices from the Inauguration. The Associated Press. 20 January, 2009. 9:24am. http://www3.signonsandiego.com/stories/2009/jan/20/inauguration-voices-012009/?zIndex=40067

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Alex Salmond Foto
Lillian Gish Foto
Paul Cézanne Foto
Joanna MacGregor Foto
Socrates Foto
Ronald Reagan Foto

„Not to the extent of throwing up my hands and saying, "Well, it's all over." No. I think whichever generation and at whatever time, when the time comes, the generation that is there, I think will have to go on doing what they believe is right.“

—  Ronald Reagan American politician, 40th president of the United States (in office from 1981 to 1989) 1911 - 2004

Answer to question about whether he's mused about Armageddon. Interview http://www.reagan.utexas.edu/archives/speeches/1983/120683c.htm for People magazine (12 June 1983)
1980s, First term of office (1981–1985)

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Mumia Abu-Jamal Foto
Isaac Asimov Foto
Donald J. Trump Foto
Jesse Ventura Foto
Stevie Wonder Foto

„But, very well, I believe I know you very well,
Wish that you knew me too, very well,
And I think I can deal with everything going through your head.“

—  Stevie Wonder American musician 1950

Superwoman (Where Were You When I Needed You)
Song lyrics, Music of My Mind (1972)

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