„Star Trek never really caught on with audiences, ran for three seasons, and was canceled. I wish I had taken notes at the time, because you people sure do have a lot of questions about it.“

Shatner Rules: Your Guide to Understanding the Shatnerverse and the World at large, by William Shatner and Chris Regan (2011), "Shatner Rules Deluxe: Your Guide to Understanding the Shatnerverse and the World at Large" https://books.google.com/books?isbn=1101564148 William Shatnerwith Chris Regan

Übernommen aus Wikiquote. Letzte Aktualisierung 3. Juni 2021. Geschichte
William Shatner Foto
William Shatner
Kanadischer Schauspieler 1931

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Willie Mays Foto
J. J. Abrams Foto
Donald J. Trump Foto

„I would have told you that three or four days ago, but we never had a chance, because you never asked me the question.“

—  Donald J. Trump 45th President of the United States of America 1946

Trump, about taking the anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine to prevent Covid-19 disease, as quoted in * 2020-05-18
FDA: This Drug Could Kill You. Trump: I’m Taking It!
Justin Paragona, Adam Rawnsley
The Daily Beast
2020s, 2020, May

Donald J. Trump Foto
Larry Page Foto

„The Star Trek computer doesn't seem that interesting. They ask it random questions, it thinks for a while. I think we can do better than that.“

—  Larry Page American computer scientist and Internet entrepreneur 1973

Quoted in Ben Elgin, "Google's Goal: "Understand Everything," http://www.businessweek.com/magazine/content/04_18/b3881010_mz001.htm BusinessWeek (2004-05-03).

Stephen Chbosky Foto
John McCain Foto
Carlos Ruiz Zafón Foto
Claudia Alexander Foto

„There's a deep thirst and hunger to know more about space, literally because of the Star Trek phenomenon.“

—  Claudia Alexander American geophysicist and planetary scientist 1959 - 2015

Quelle: Interview and photograph of Alexander by Max S. Gerber http://www.msgphoto.com/scientists/alexander.html,

Deb Caletti Foto
Milla Jovovich Foto
Linda Blair Foto

„Every time I watch it, I still see something new, and I’ve seen it a lot as you can imagine. When fans only talk about the scares, they’re not really learning anything, which is a shame because Billy really put a lot of thematic elements in this movie that are supposed to make you think. It wasn’t just about scaring people; it was a family drama that had horrific elements.“

—  Linda Blair actress, producer, animal rights activist 1959

Exclusive: Linda Blair Reflects on 40 Years with The Exorcist for FEARnet’s February 17th Five-Film Marathon http://www.dreadcentral.com/news/41504/exclusive-linda-blair-reflects-on-40-years-with-the-exorcist-for-fearnet-s-february-17th-five-film-marathon/ (February 16, 2013)

Daniel Radcliffe Foto

„After I read a script about three times, it sinks into my head. With Harry Potter, it took about six times because it was a lot bigger.“

—  Daniel Radcliffe English actor 1989


Jakaya Kikwete Foto

„I would have been surprised if you had not asked that question, because everywhere I am, I am asked how about the Chinese. There’s a lot of sudden interest on the Chinese and Africa. You know, what is it that we are trying to do in Africa? Africa as a continent in pursuit of development.“

—  Jakaya Kikwete Tanzanian politician and president 1950

On China's engagement with the continent.
Interviews, Interview with Financial Times, 2007-10-04 http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/d8a07e28-72a3-11dc-b7ff-0000779fd2ac.html?nclick_check1/

Jackson Browne Foto

„These days I seem to think a lot
About the things that I forgot to do
For you
And all the times I had the chance to.“

—  Jackson Browne American singer-songwriter 1948

These Days (ca. 1964-1965), from For Everyman (1973); previously recorded by Nico, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Tom Rush, Kenny Loggins, Iain Matthews, and Mates of State

Pricasso Foto

„It is really fun, and a lot of people are fascinated by what I do, but it does get tiring because I cannot use my 'brush' for long periods of time.“

—  Pricasso Australian painter 1949

[Lee Rondganger, Artist with unusual technique a Sexpo hit, The Star, South Africa, 28 September 2007, 2, Independent Online]

Mary Meeker Foto

„A lot of people ask the question about internet usage, "How much is too much?" Our view is it depends on how that time is spent. One of the things I feel really strongly about is there’s a lot of innovation and there’s a lot of competition, and that’s driving a lot of product improvement and a lot of usefulness and a lot of usage and also a lot of scrutiny.“

—  Mary Meeker American venture capitalist and securities analyst 1959

VentureBeat: "Mary Meeker’s annual valentine to Silicon Valley reminds us tech utopianism is alive and well" https://venturebeat.com/2018/06/15/mary-meekers-annual-valentine-to-silicon-valley-reminds-us-tech-utopianism-is-alive-and-well/ (15 June 2018)

Jean-Claude Juncker Foto

„I have a lot of understanding for people skeptical about the EU. Because there are legitimate questions to the address about the European Union, including the Commission. You have to answer that. You have to talk to the Eurosceptic people. By the way, sometimes I am myself, I am not free from Euroscepticism sometimes. But I am not on the way to fundamental opposition.“

—  Jean-Claude Juncker Luxembourgian politician 1954

Interview with Thomas Mayer in Der Standard, 6 October 2018
Quelle: Mayer, Thomas (6 October, 2018). Commission President Juncker: "I am not free from euroscepticism" https://derstandard.at/2000088766841/EU-Kommissionspraesident-Juncker-Ich-bin-nicht-frei-von-Euroskepsis. Der Standard.

Wilhelm Reich Foto

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