„Having reached the rare age of 100 years, I find myself in a unique position: I'm the last survivor of the golden age of the Evolutionary Synthesis. That status encourages me to present a personal account of what I experienced in the years (1920s to the 1950s) that were so crucial in the history of evolutionary biology.“

—  Ernst Mayr

Ernst Mayr (2004) " 80 Years of Watching the Evolutionary Scenery http://www.sciencemag.org/content/305/5680/46.full" Science (2 July 2004) Vol. 305 no. 5680 pp. 46-47

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Ernst Mayr Foto
Ernst Mayr2
deutsch-amerikanischer Biologe 1904 - 2005

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James K. Morrow Foto
Buckminster Fuller Foto

„Humanity is now experiencing history's most difficult evolutionary transformation.“

—  Buckminster Fuller American architect, systems theorist, author, designer, inventor and futurist 1895 - 1983

From 1980s onwards, Grunch of Giants (1983)

William A. Dembski Foto
Margaret Mead Foto
Viktor Schauberger Foto
Le Corbusier Foto

„The age of personal statues is gone.“

—  Le Corbusier architect, designer, urbanist, and writer 1887 - 1965

"The Edict of Chandigarh," 1959
Kontext: The age of personal statues is gone. No personal statues shall be erected in the city or parks of Chandigarh. The city is planned to breathe the new sublimated spirit of art. Commemoration of persons shall be confined to suitably placed bronze plaques.

Richard Evelyn Byrd Foto

„This book is the account of a personal experience — so personal that for four years I could not bring myself to write it. It is different from anything else I have ever written.“

—  Richard Evelyn Byrd Medal of Honor recipient and United States Navy officer 1888 - 1957

Alone (1938)
Kontext: This book is the account of a personal experience — so personal that for four years I could not bring myself to write it. It is different from anything else I have ever written. My other books have been factual, impersonal narratives of my expeditions and flights. This book, on the other hand, is the story of an experience which was in considerable part subjective. I very nearly died before it was over.

Bernard Baruch Foto

„To me, old age is always fifteen years older than I am.“

—  Bernard Baruch American businessman 1870 - 1965

On his 85th birthday, as quoted in The Observer [London] (21 August 1955)

Nasreddin Foto

„Nasruddin, four years ago you were here, and I asked that time also what is your age, and you told me forty years. Now this is absolutely inconsistent – how can you still be forty?“

—  Nasreddin philosopher, Sufi and wise man from Turkey, remembered for his funny stories and anecdotes 1208 - 1284

Nasruddin said, "I am a man of consistency. Once forty, I remain forty always. When I have answered once, I have answered forever! You cannot lead me astray. I am forty, and whenever you ask you will get the same answer."
Osho, And The Flowers Showered (2003), ISBN 817182210X, p. 204

Buckminster Fuller Foto
Marco Girolamo Vida Foto

„The vast applause shall reach the starry frame,
No years, no ages shall obscure thy fame,
And Earth's last ends shall hear thy darling name.“

—  Marco Girolamo Vida Italian bishop 1485 - 1566

Book III, line 522
De Arte Poetica (1527)
Original: (la) Gratantes plausu excipient: tua gloria coelo
Succedet, nomenque tuum sinus ultimus orbis
Audiet, ac nullo diffusum abolebitur aevo.

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Richard Cobden Foto

„I think we have been the most Conservative. I think that myself, and my friend Mr. Bright, and many I see about me, who have voted for twenty years for what have been considered revolutionary measures, have been the great Conservatives of our own age.“

—  Richard Cobden English manufacturer and Radical and Liberal statesman 1804 - 1865

Speech in Rochdale (26 June 1861), quoted in John Bright and J. E. Thorold Rogers (eds.), Speeches on Questions of Public Policy by Richard Cobden, M.P. Volume II (London: T. Fisher Unwin, 1908), p. 437.

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Gudrun Ensslin Foto

„If we made a mistake, then we made a mistake (I don't see it myself); after all, what's been missing in the European fight for socialism over the last 100 years, is the element of 'madness“

—  Gudrun Ensslin German terrorist 1940 - 1977

Letter to Baader in The element of madness, July 12, 2009, Perlentaucher Medien GmbH, February 22, 2010 http://www.signandsight.com/features/1964.html,

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Albert Einstein Foto

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