„I have never been one to flinch or crawfish when faced with an unpleasant task.“

—  Charles Portis, buch True Grit

Quelle: True Grit (1968), Chapter 2, p. 20 : thoughts of 'Mattie Ross'

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Charles Portis Foto
Charles Portis
US-amerikanischer Autor 1933

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John Lewis (civil rights leader) Foto
Edward Heath Foto

„It is the unpleasant and unacceptable face of capitalism, but one should not suggest that the whole of British industry consists of practices of this kind.“

—  Edward Heath Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (1970–1974) 1916 - 2005

Speech in the House of Commons (15 May 1973) http://hansard.millbanksystems.com/commons/1973/may/15/cbi-and-tuc-talks
Prime Minister

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David Brin Foto
Ronald Reagan Foto

„If history teaches anything, it teaches that self-delusion in the face of unpleasant facts is folly.“

—  Ronald Reagan American politician, 40th president of the United States (in office from 1981 to 1989) 1911 - 2004

Speech to the House of Commons (8 June 1982) http://www.reagan.utexas.edu/archives/speeches/1982/60882a.htm
1980s, First term of office (1981–1985)
Kontext: From Stettin on the Baltic to Varna on the Black Sea, the regimes planted by totalitarianism have had more than thirty years to establish their legitimacy. But none — not one regime — has yet been able to risk free elections. Regimes planted by bayonets do not take root.... If history teaches anything, it teaches self-delusion in the face of unpleasant facts is folly.... Our military strength is a prerequisite to peace, but let it be clear we maintain this strength in the hope it will never be used, for the ultimate determinant in the struggle that's now going on in the world will not be bombs and rockets but a test of wills and ideas, a trial of spiritual resolve, the values we hold, the beliefs we cherish, the ideals to which we are dedicated.

Robin Hobb Foto

„When I am drawing the face expression of the character, I have the same expression on my face. I never realized myself, but people have told me so.“

—  Takehiko Inoue Japanese artist 1967

Source: How 'Slam Dunk' Manga artist brings characters to life https://edition.cnn.com/2012/11/29/showbiz/takehiko-inoue-human-to-hero/index.html,CNN

Abraham Davenport Foto

„I choose, for one, to meet Him face to face, no faithless servant frightened from my task, but ready when the Lord of the harvest calls; and therefore, with all reverence, I would say, let God do His work, we will see to ours. Bring in the candles.“

—  Abraham Davenport American politician 1715 - 1789

As quoted by John Greenleaf Whittier in his poem "Abraham Davenport" first published in The Atlantic Monthly (May 1866); later published in The Tent on the Beach, and Other Poems (1867).
Kontext: This well may be The Day of Judgment which the world awaits; But be it so or not, I only know my present duty, and my Lord’s command to occupy till He come. So at the post where He hath set me in His providence, I choose, for one, to meet Him face to face, no faithless servant frightened from my task, but ready when the Lord of the harvest calls; and therefore, with all reverence, I would say, let God do His work, we will see to ours. Bring in the candles.

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Henry Kissinger Foto
Stanley A. McChrystal Foto

„Never shall I fail my comrades… I will shoulder more than my share of the task, whatever it may be, one hundred percent and then some.“

—  Stanley A. McChrystal American general 1954

From the Ranger Creed, on the left inside flap of the book's dust jacket
My Share Of The Task (2013)

„…and I longed to return to the peak to explore some of the many ridges and faces which as yet had never been attempted. I now realise how lucky I was to have had this extraordinary peak virtually to myself;…“

—  Eric Shipton British explorer 1907 - 1977

[Eric Shipton, w:Eric Shipton, Illustrations by Biro, That Untravelled World, 1969, 2nd edition, 1977, Hodder and Stoughton, London, 0-340-21609-3]

Aung San Suu Kyi Foto

„One of the tasks we have set ourselves“

—  Aung San Suu Kyi State Counsellor of Myanmar and Leader of the National League for Democracy 1945

Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought Acceptance Speech (2013)
Kontext: Freedom of thought,…freedom of thought is essential to human progress. If we stop freedom of thought, we stop progress in our world. Because of this it is so important that we teach our children, our young people, the importance of freedom of thought. Freedom of thought begins with the right to ask questions. And this right our people in Burma have not had for so long that some of our young people do not quite know how to ask questions. One of the tasks we have set ourselves, in my party, the National League for Democracy is to teach our people to ask questions, not to accept everything that is done to them without asking why.

Arnold Schoenberg Foto

„I have never seen faces, but because I have looked people in the eye, only their gazes.“

—  Arnold Schoenberg Austrian-American composer 1874 - 1951

As quoted in "The Red Gaze"' in Expressionism (2004) by Norbert Wolf, p. 92

Gloria Estefan Foto

„I have had a life in which I have had to face every big fear, and it has not been pleasant.“

—  Gloria Estefan Cuban-American singer-songwriter, actress and divorciada 1957

cubanet.org (May 15, 2000)
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