„I had translated the first twelve books of the Odyssey. For a while I learnt English also, merely so as to gain an accurate knowledge of Shakespeare; and I made a metrical translation of Romeo's monologue. Though I soon left English on one side, yet Shakespeare remained my exemplar, and I projected a great tragedy which was almost nothing but a medley of Hamlet and King Lear. The plan was gigantic in the extreme; two- and-forty human beings died in the course of this piece, and I saw myself compelled, in its working-out, to call the greater number back as ghosts, since otherwise I should have been short of characters for my last Acts. This play occupied my leisure for two whole years.“

Autobiographical Sketch (1843)

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Richard Wagner Foto
Richard Wagner19
deutscher Komponist, Dramatiker, Philosoph, Dichter, Schrif… 1813 - 1883

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John Stuart Mill Foto

„I was an apprentice to a linnen-draper when this king was born, and continued at the trade some years, but the shop being too narrow and short for my large mind, I took leave of my master, but said nothing. Then I lived a country-life for some years; and in the late wars I was a soldier, and sometimes had the honour and misfortune to lodg and dislodg an army. In the year 1G52, I entred upon iron works, and pli'd them several years, and in them times I made it my business to survey the three great rivers of England, and some small ones; and made two navigable, and a third almost compleated. I next studied the great weakness of the rye-lands, and the surfeit it was then under by reason of their long tillage. I did by practick and theorick find out the reason of its defection, as also of its recovery, and applyed the remedy in putting out two books, which were so fitted to the country-man's capacity, that he fell on pell-mell; and I hope, and partly know, that great part of Worcestershire, Glocestershire, Herefordshire, Shropshire, and Staffordshire, have doubled the value of the land by the husbandry discovered to them; see my two books printed by Mr Sawbridg on Ludgate Hill, entitled, Yarranton's Improvement ly Clover, and there thou mayest be further satisfied.* I also for many years served the countreys with the seed, and at last gave them the knowledg of getting it with ease and small trouble; and what I have been doing since, my book tells you at large.“

—  Andrew Yarranton English civil engineer 1619 - 1684

Quelle: Quotes from England's Improvement, (1677), p. 193; cited in Patrick Edward Dove (1854, p. 405-6)

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„King Lear is undoubtedly the greatest play ever written by Shakespeare — or anybody else for that matter. Hamlet is certainly great, but it doesn't contain as many elements of humanity as we see in Lear.“

—  Paul Scofield English actor 1922 - 2008

Quoted in Royah Nikkhah, "Scofield's Lear voted the greatest Shakespeare performance" http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2004/08/22/nbard22.xml, Telegraph.co.uk (2004-08-22)

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Rayssa Leal Foto

„Since I started on social networks, it has always been a dream to gain my first million followers, and now I have two?“

—  Rayssa Leal Youngest Brazilian skateboarder and athlete to win a medal at the Olympics 2008

Rayssa Leal. Mateus Baeta: Conto de fadas à brasileira: Rayssa Leal é prata no skate street http://rededoesporte.gov.br/pt-br/noticias/conto-de-fadas-a-brasileira-rayssa-leal-conquista-prata-no-skate-street, Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Brazil https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/br/deed.en.

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Helen Keller Foto

„I do not remember a time since I have been capable of loving books that I have not loved Shakespeare.“

—  Helen Keller, buch The Story of My Life

Quelle: The Story of My Life (1903), Ch. 21

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Antoni Gaudí Foto

„Men may be divided into two types: men of words and men of action. The first speaks; the latter act. I am of the second group. I lack the means to express myself adequately. I would not be able to explain to anyone my artistic concepts. I have not yet concretised them. I never had time to reflect on them. My hours have been spent in my work.“

—  Antoni Gaudí Catalan architect 1852 - 1926

La Razón, 1913 in: Gaudi by Gijs Van Hensbergen, introduction p.xxxii http://books.google.com/books?hl=en&id=unF5kAX0xCwC&dq=Gaudi+on+Gaudi&printsec=frontcover&source=web&ots=c0iOxQzVGj&sig=88zRY-TOlnChRUBQTHzDnrtLDEs&sa=X&oi=book_result&resnum=3&ct=result#PPR32,M1

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„Soon after this the blacks who brought me on board went off, and left me abandoned to despair. I now saw myself deprived of all chance of returning to my native country, or even the least glimpse of hope of gaining the shore, which I now considered as friendly; and I even wished for my former slavery in preference to my present situation, which was filled with horrors of every kind, still heightened by my ignorance of what I was to undergo. I was not long suffered to indulge my grief; I was soon put down under the decks, and there I received such a salutation in my nostrils as I had never experienced in my life: so that, with the loathsomeness of the stench, and crying together, I became so sick and low that I was not able to eat, nor had I the least desire to taste any thing. I now wished for the last friend, death, to relieve me; but soon, to my grief, two of the white men offered me eatables; and, on my refusing to eat, one of them held me fast by the hands, and laid me across I think the windlass, and tied my feet, while the other flogged me severely. I had never experienced any thing of this kind before; and although, not being used to the water, I naturally feared that element the first time I saw it, yet nevertheless, could I have got over the nettings, I would have jumped over the side, but I could not; and, besides, the crew used to watch us very closely who were not chained down to the decks, lest we should leap into the water: and I have seen some of these poor African prisoners most severely cut for attempting to do so, and hourly whipped for not eating. This indeed was often the case with myself.“

—  Olaudah Equiano African abolitionist 1745 - 1797

Chap. II
The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano, or Gustavus Vassa, the African (1789)

Roberto Clemente Foto

„In 1956 I was doing good until I hurt my back. Since then I step to the side with my left foot faster so I don't have to twist my body so much.“

—  Roberto Clemente Puerto Rican baseball player 1934 - 1972

On how stepping in the bucket of necessity became a familiar part of Clemente's batting form, as quoted in "Clemente Unorthodox?" Well, He Gets Results" https://news.google.com/newspapers?id=e5ooAAAAIBAJ&sjid=k8wEAAAAIBAJ&pg=816%2C1870316 by Ed Schuyler, Jr. (AP), in The Daytona Beach Morning Journal (August 11, 1964)
Baseball-related, <big><big>1960s</big></big>, <big>1964</big>

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Thomas Carlyle Foto

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