„I get offered varied parts, often super sexy roles. But I still think it's an issue to find the good scripts. It's a myth that you win an Oscar and you get more opportunities, and this doesn't just go for me.“

Will Lawrence (May 22, 2006) "Anything to do with taking off your clothes comes my way", Evening Standard.

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Halle Berry Foto
Halle Berry
US-amerikanische Schauspielerin 1966

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„When you're up for an Oscar, you just get offered everything. It's fantastic, but a lot of it you're completely inappropriate for.“

—  Helena Bonham Carter British actress 1966

Guardian interview 3 Nov 2006 http://www.guardian.co.uk/film/2006/nov/03/1

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„In the beginning was the Word,' and you must not be tempted with a script just because you have a great part. You want a great role to play, but the whole - the whole - must be good. It'll never succeed if it's just the role you like.“

—  Bette Davis film and television actress from the United States 1908 - 1989

Louise Sweeney (December 28, 1987) "Bette Davis: On the heels of a new honor and a new film, a screen legend looks back over her 60-year career", Christian Science Monitor, p. 19.

„Take advantage of every opportunity that you get. I was always one to go into any singing competition and taking advantage of offers for any performances. Just get as much experience as you can. Don’t listen when people say "Oh you can’t do that." If you want it keep going for it.“

—  Victoria Duffield Canadian actor, singer and dancer 1995

Quelle: Interview: Canada’s Hottest New Pop Star Victoria Duffield https://www.realstylenetwork.com/celebrities/2012/02/interview-canadas-hottest-new-pop-star-victoria-duffield/ (2012)

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„I still get laughed at but it doesn't bother me,
I'm just so glad to hear laughter around me.“

—  Amanda Palmer American punk-cabaret musician 1976

Do You Swear to Tell the Truth the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth So Help Your Black Ass (2010)

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„I'm not going to get married again, I think I'll just find a woman that hates me, then buy her a house.“

—  Willie Nelson American country music singer-songwriter. 1933

Also attributed to Lewis Grizzard, among others.

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