„I came and knelt at the king's feet, and when he put the crown on my head, I felt that he had just honoured all the women of Iran. Only four years earlier we had been in the same category of the mentally handicapped: we did not even have the basic right of choosing our representatives. The crown wiped out centuries of humiliation; more surely than any law, it solemnly affirmed the equality of men and women.“

—  Farah Diba

Page 157
Publications, An Enduring Love: My Life with the Shah (2004)

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Farah Diba Foto
Farah Diba5
iranische Kaiserin 1938

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„No. I would have felt more awkward if I'd been a fan. I was around 15 when I realized he was inescapable. Even if I was in a car and had the radio on, there's my dad. He's larger than life and our culture is obsessed with dead musicians. We love to put them on a pedestal. If Kurt had just been another guy who abandoned his family in the most awful way possible… But he wasn't. He inspired people to put him on a pedestal, to become St. Kurt.“

—  Frances Bean Cobain American artist 1992

Response to the question, "Did you feel awkward as a teenager, not being that interested in the music Kurt made?"
" Frances Bean Cobain on Life After Kurt's Death: An Exclusive Q&A http://www.rollingstone.com/music/features/frances-bean-life-after-kurt-cobain-death-exclusive-interview-20150408" (2015)

Chi­ma­man­da Ngo­zi Adi­chie Foto

„Feminism is not that men and women are the same. If men and women are the same, we won't have sexism. We are just stating the differences and people should stop giving negative value to all the attributes that women have. It's not that men and women are the same but they've equally human.“

—  Chi­ma­man­da Ngo­zi Adi­chie Nigerian writer 1977

Quelle: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: ‘I want to say what I think’ https://www.bbc.com/news/av/entertainment-arts-59568638 chimamanda ngozi adichie speaking on her speech of 2012 on feminism on (9th December 2021)

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„I dare be bold to affirm that, had the King of France beaten us, as we have done him, he would have been so modest as to have given us better terms than we have gained after all our glorious victories.“

—  Robert Walpole British statesman 1676 - 1745

Quelle: Address https://historyofparliamentonline.org/volume/1690-1715/member/walpole-robert-ii-1676-1745 to the electors of Kings Lynn for the general election of 1713 against the Treaty of Utrecht

Eleanor Farjeon Foto

„O evanescent temples built of man
To deities he honoured and dethroned!
Earth shoots a trail of her eternal vine
To crown the head that men have ceased to honour.“

—  Eleanor Farjeon English children's writer 1881 - 1965

Pan-Worship and Other Poems (1908)
Kontext: O evanescent temples built of man
To deities he honoured and dethroned!
Earth shoots a trail of her eternal vine
To crown the head that men have ceased to honour.
Beneath the coronal of leaf and lichen
The mocking smile upon the lips derides
Pan's lost dominion; but the pointed ears
Are keen and prick'd with old remember'd sounds.
All my breast aches with longing for the past!
Thou God of stone, I have a craving in me
For knowledge of thee as thou wert in old
Enchanted twilights in Arcadia.

Eugene V. Debs Foto

„From the crown of my head to the soles of my feet I am Bolshevik, and proud of it.“

—  Eugene V. Debs American labor and political leader 1855 - 1926

"The Day of the People," The Class Struggle Vol. III No. 1 (February 1919) http://www.marxists.org/archive/debs/works/1919/daypeople.htm

Warren Farrell Foto
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Warren Farrell Foto
Judith Butler Foto

„I am much more open about categories of gender, and my feminism has been about women's safety from violence, increased literacy, decreased poverty and more equality. I was never against the category of men.“

—  Judith Butler American philosopher and gender theorist 1956

"As a Jew, I was taught it was ethically imperative to speak up" in Haaretz. February 24, 2010

William Shakespeare Foto

„My Crown is in my heart, not on my head:
Not deck'd with Diamonds, and Indian stones:
Nor to be seen: my Crown is call'd Content,
A Crown it is, that seldom Kings enjoy.“

—  William Shakespeare English playwright and poet 1564 - 1616

Variante: My crown is in my heart, not on my head; not decked with diamonds and Indian stones, nor to be seen: my crown is called content, a crown it is that seldom kings enjoy.
Quelle: King Henry VI, Part 3

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„Many women are asking: why do some women choose to cover their heads? We have to understand this and other questions. This is one of the biggest challenges for feminism today. What is worrying is that when women are divided into categories it is the status quo – the patriarchy – that benefits.…“

—  Elif Shafak Turkish writer 1971

On having a female character wear a veil out of protest in “Elif Shafak: ‘When women are divided it is the male status quo that benefits’” https://www.theguardian.com/books/2017/feb/05/elif-shafak-turkey-three-daughters-of-eve-interview in The Guardian (2017 Feb 5)

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