„Roger: They have internet now on tour.“

—  Roger Lima

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Roger Lima Foto
Roger Lima
brasilianischer Musiker 1973

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„I never can beat Roger, he’s too much for me… but the Senior Tour, I will beat him then! He’s the best of history and I’m very lucky to play the best player of the world.“

—  Roger Federer Swiss tennis player 1981

David Ferrer, after losing to Federer in the 2014 Cincinnati Masters final. http://www.thesportreview.com/tsr/2014/08/cincinnati-masters-fearsome-federer-cuts-down-ferrer-again-for-80th-title/

Roger Manganelli Foto
Roger Manganelli Foto
Justin Bieber Foto

„Without the Internet I would have no fans and I wouldn’t be in this business. I owe everything to the Internet and my fans.“

—  Justin Bieber Canadian singer-songwriter, record producer, and actor 1994

Vibe "Justin Bieber on Photo Shoots, Puberty, 2Pac & Drake" http://www.vibe.com/article/justin-bieber-photo-shoots-puberty-2pac-drake, 22 July 2010

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Ray Bradbury Foto

„We have too many cellphones. We've got too many Internets. We have got to get rid of those machines. We have too many machines now.“

—  Ray Bradbury American writer 1920 - 2012

"Ray Bradbury hates big government: ‘Our country is in need of a revolution’" in The Los Angeles Times : Hero Complex (16 August 2010) http://herocomplex.latimes.com/2010/08/16/ray-bradbury-is-sick-of-big-government-our-country-is-in-need-of-a-revolution/

Steven Novella Foto

„I think the Internet is the biggest classroom we have.“

—  Steven Novella American neurologist, skepticist 1964

The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe, Podcast #47 – June 14th, 2006 http://www.theskepticsguide.org/podcast/sgu/47
The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe, Podcast, 2000s

Ai Weiwei Foto

„The Internet is the best thing that could have happened to China.“

—  Ai Weiwei Chinese concept artist 1957

Ai Weiwei. “ The Olympics Are a Propaganda Show http://www.spiegel.de/international/world/0,1518,531883,00.html.” Spiegel, January 29, 2008.
2000-09, 2008

Manuel Castells Foto

„The Internet Culture is the culture of the creators of the Internet.“

—  Manuel Castells Spanish sociologist (b.1942) 1942

Quelle: The Internet Galaxy - Reflections on the Internet, Business, and Society (2001), Chapter 2, The Culture of the Internet, p. 36

Ai Weiwei Foto
Aaron Swartz Foto

„There’s a battle going on right now, a battle to define everything that happens on the Internet in terms of traditional things that the law understands.“

—  Aaron Swartz computer programmer and internet-political activist 1986 - 2013

Freedom to Connect speech (2012)
Kontext: There’s a battle going on right now, a battle to define everything that happens on the Internet in terms of traditional things that the law understands. Is sharing a video on BitTorrent like shoplifting from a movie store? Or is it like loaning a videotape to a friend? Is reloading a webpage over and over again like a peaceful virtual sit-in or a violent smashing of shop windows? Is the freedom to connect like freedom of speech or like the freedom to murder?
This bill would be a huge, potentially permanent, loss. If we lost the ability to communicate with each other over the Internet, it would be a change to the Bill of Rights. The freedoms guaranteed in our Constitution, the freedoms our country had been built on, would be suddenly deleted. New technology, instead of bringing us greater freedom, would have snuffed out fundamental rights we had always taken for granted.

Steve Blank Foto
Roger Manganelli Foto
Bill O'Reilly Foto

„; Roger from Portland“

—  Bill O'Reilly American political commentator, television host and writer 1949

„Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Etiam egestas wisi a erat. Morbi imperdiet, mauris ac auctor dictum.“