„I am opposed to Solidarity because I believe that it is an anti-socialist organisation which desires the overthrow of a socialist state.“

Letter to left-wing newspaper Newsline (7 September 1983), as quoted in the " Scargill angers unions with Solidarity attack http://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=2507&dat=19830908&id=hfU9AAAAIBAJ&sjid=CUkMAAAAIBAJ&pg=2345,1392758", Glasgow Herald (8 September 1983), p. 1

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Arthur Scargill Foto
Arthur Scargill
britischer Gewerkschafter und Gründer der Socialist Labour … 1938

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Leonid Brezhnev Foto

„The substance of socialist democracy lies in efficient socialist organisation of all society for the sake of every individual, and in the socialist discipline of every individual for the sake of all society.“

—  Leonid Brezhnev General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union 1906 - 1982

Cited in Soviet Socialist Democracy http://leninist.biz/en/1968/SSD255/4.6-The.Main.Duties.of.Soviet.Citizens

Benito Mussolini Foto

„For this I have been and am a socialist.“

—  Benito Mussolini Duce and President of the Council of Ministers of Italy. Leader of the National Fascist Party and subsequent Republican… 1883 - 1945

The accusation of inconsistency has no foundation. My conduct has always been straight in the sense of looking at the substance of things and not to the form. I adapted socialisticamente to reality. As the evolution of society belied many of the prophecies of Marx, the true socialism folded from possible to probable. The only feasible socialism socialisticamente is corporatism, confluence, balance and justice interests compared to the collective interest.
As quoted in “Soliloquy for ‘freedom’ Trimellone island”, on the Italian Island of Trimelone, journalist Ivanoe Fossani, one of the last interviews of Mussolini, March 20, 1945, from Opera omnia, vol. 32. Interview is also known as "Testament of Benito Mussolini, or Testamento di Benito Mussolini. Also published under “Mussolini confessed to the stars”, Publishing House Latinitas, Rome, 1952. (Intervista di Ivanoe Fossani, Soliloquio in “libertà” all'isola Trimellone, Isola del Trimellone, 20 marzo 1945)

Vladimir Lenin Foto
Herbert Morrison Foto

„It is because I have confidence in the reasoned appeal the Socialist Party can make to all sections of the community – manual workers and black coats alike – that I have decided to go to East Lewisham, if I am selected, emphasizing by this action my conviction that the soundest socialist appeal is that which is most universal in its scope.“

—  Herbert Morrison British Labour politician 1888 - 1965

The Times, 10 January 1945.
Morrison abandoned his safe seat in Hackney South for Lewisham East in the 1945 general election despite it being a Conservative-held seat that had never previously returned a Labour MP. The move paid off, and he was elected there.

Frédéric Bastiat Foto
Janusz Korwin-Mikke Foto
George Wallace Foto
Benito Mussolini Foto

„You cannot get rid of me because I am and always will be a socialist. You hate me because you still love me.“

—  Benito Mussolini Duce and President of the Council of Ministers of Italy. Leader of the National Fascist Party and subsequent Republican… 1883 - 1945

Denis Mack Smith, Mussolini: A Biography (1983) p. 8. As quoted by Mussolini after he was expelled from the Italian Socialist Party in 1914.

Russell Brand Foto
Kwame Nkrumah Foto

„The difference between myself and Castro is that I am not aligned and he is; I am a socialist and he is a communist.“

—  Kwame Nkrumah Pan Africanist and First Prime Minister and President of Ghana 1909 - 1972

Quoted in Asiaweek, Vol. 5 (1979), p. 28.

Friedrich Hayek Foto

„I believe you will be shocked by my stating this so bluntly because we are still guided instinctively by those inherited "natural" emotions… in a sense we are all socialist.“

—  Friedrich Hayek Austrian and British economist and Nobel Prize for Economics laureate 1899 - 1992

1980s and later, Knowledge, Evolution and Society (1983), "Coping with Ignorance", "The Reactionary Nature of the Socialist Conception"

Adolf Hitler Foto

„I am a socialist, and a very different kind of socialist from your rich friend Reventlow. I was once an ordinary workingman… But your kind of socialism is nothing but Marxism.“

—  Adolf Hitler Führer and Reich Chancellor of Germany, Leader of the Nazi Party 1889 - 1945

As quoted in Hitler and I, Otto Strasser, Boston, MA, Houghton Mifflin Company (1940) p. 106
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Frédéric Bastiat Foto
Vladimir Lenin Foto
Angela Davis Foto
Vladimir Lenin Foto

„Socialized medicine is the keystone to the arch of the socialist state.“

—  Vladimir Lenin Russian politician, led the October Revolution 1870 - 1924

Fabricated quote from The Voluntary Way is the American Way (1949) by PR firm Whitaker and Baxter. According to The Heart of Power by David Blumenthal and James Morone (pp. 91-92)
: Whitaker and Baxter published a fifteen-page pamphlet of questions and answers entitled The Voluntary Way is the American Way, which, deep in the Q&A, concocted a quotation from Lenin:
:: Q: Would socialized medicine lead to socialization of other phases of American life?
:: A: Lenin thought so. He declared: socialized medicine is the keystone to the arch of the socialist state.
: Senator Murray asked the Library of Congress to track down the quote and, as expected, they found nothing like it—most scholars assume Whitaker and Baxter dreamed it up.
Alternate form: "Socialized medicine is a keystone to the establishment of a socialist state."

Mahatma Gandhi Foto
Joseph Goebbels Foto

„We are for the first German national state of a socialist nature!“

—  Joseph Goebbels Nazi politician and Propaganda Minister 1897 - 1945

1930s, Die verfluchten Hakenkreuzler. Etwas zum Nachdenken (1932)

Margaret Thatcher Foto

„They are pointing to the steady and remorseless expansion of the Socialist State.“

—  Margaret Thatcher British stateswoman and politician 1925 - 2013

Speech to Conservative Central Council ("The Historic Choice") (20 March 1976) http://www.margaretthatcher.org/document/102990
Leader of the Opposition
Kontext: There are others who warn not only of the threat from without, but of something more insidious, not readily perceived, not always deliberate, something that is happening here at home. What are they pointing to? They are pointing to the steady and remorseless expansion of the Socialist State. Now none of us would claim that the majority of Socialists are inspired by other than humanitarian and well-meaning ideals. At the same time few would, I think, deny today that they have made a monster that they can't control. Increasingly, inexorably, the State the Socialists have created is becoming more random in the economic and social justice it seeks to dispense, more suffocating in its effect on human aspirations and initiative, more politically selective in its defence of the rights of its citizens, more gargantuan in its appetite—and more disastrously incompetent in its performance. Above all, it poses a growing threat, however unintentional, to the freedom of this country, for there is no freedom where the State totally controls the economy. Personal freedom and economic freedom are indivisible. You can't have one without the other. You can't lose one without losing the other.

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