„The unique thing about Margaret Rutherford is that she can act with her chin alone. Among its many moods I especially cherish the chin commanding, the chin in doubt, and the chin at bay.“

Kenneth Tynan Foto
Kenneth Tynan1
englischer Theaterkritiker und Autor 1927 - 1980

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„An honest man, close-buttoned to the chin,
Broadcloth without, and a warm heart within.“

—  William Cowper (1731–1800) English poet and hymnodist 1731 - 1800
"Epistle to Joseph Hill", line 62 (1785).

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„My chin is titanium, my fists are uranium, I don’t kneel to anybody, because GOD is within me“

—  Ali Raymi Boxing Knockout Artist 1973 - 2015
As quoted in "Q&A with record-breaking KO Artist Ali Raymi (20-0 with all 20 wins being first round knockouts)" by Robert Coster at Fight News (15 Nov 2013) http://www.fightnews.com/Boxing/qa-with-record-breaking-ko-artist-ali-raymi-20-0-with-all-20-wins-being-first-round-knockouts-231141

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