„In my heart she's my kind of girl.“

Song My Kind of Girl

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Leslie Bricusse Foto
Leslie Bricusse
britischer Komponist und Liedtexter 1931

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Alexandre Dumas Foto

„Be kind, aim for my heart.“

—  Alexandre Dumas, buch Die drei Musketiere

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Kate Forsyth Foto
Khaled Hosseini Foto

„she is theof my eyes and the sultan of my heart.“

—  Khaled Hosseini, buch A Thousand Splendid Suns

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Gordon B. Hinckley Foto

„And now in my old age, she has again become the girl of my dreams.“

—  Gordon B. Hinckley President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 1910 - 2008

The Women in Our Lives, Sunday Morning Session, General Conference, October 3, 2004
Kontext: My children and I were at her bedside as she slipped peacefully into eternity. As I held her hand and saw mortal life drain from her fingers, I confess I was overcome. Before I married her, she had been the girl of my dreams, to use the words of a song then popular. She was my dear companion for more than two-thirds of a century, my equal before the Lord, really my superior. And now in my old age, she has again become the girl of my dreams.

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Saul Williams Foto

„she stuck a bookmark in my heart and walked away“

—  Saul Williams American singer, musician, poet, writer, and actor 1972

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Mae West Foto

„She's the kind of girl who climbed the ladder of success wrong by wrong.“

—  Mae West American actress and sex symbol 1893 - 1980

#832 in The 2,548 Best Things Anybody Ever Said (2006) by Robert Byrne

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