„I was a troubled teen
Who put an advert in a magazine
To the annoyance of my imaginary lover
She doubted my integrity
And this is what she said to me:
She said, "Oh, you, you're green
You don't know what love means
Well, let me tell you“

"I Love You (But You're Green)"
Lyrics and poetry

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Pete Doherty Foto
Pete Doherty86
English musician, writer, actor, poet and artist 1979

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„"Why don't you ever use your strength on me?" she said.
"Because love means renouncing strength," said Franz softly.“

—  Milan Kundera, buch Die unerträgliche Leichtigkeit des Seins

Quelle: The Unbearable Lightness of Being (1984), Part Three: Words Misunderstood

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„McKay tells me that you went home sick,” she said. “Personally, I hope you don’t survive.“

—  Clifford D. Simak American writer, journalist 1904 - 1988

“Skirmish” (p. 44); originally published in Amazing Stories, December 1950
Short Fiction, Skirmish (1977)

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