„"Love is a wonderful thing. It makes life worthwhile. I love being in love." "Spoken like a man with plenty of experience. But keep in mind that true love lasts forever." "Poets would say that true love always ends in tragedy."“

Travis Parker and Gaby Holland, Chapter 11, p. 132
2000s, The Choice (2007)

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Nicholas Sparks28
US-amerikanischer Schriftsteller 1965

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Citát „The first true love is always the last one.“
Andrzej Majewski Foto

„The first true love is always the last one.“

—  Andrzej Majewski Polish writer and photographer 1966

Aphorisms. Magnum in Parvo (2000)

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„True love always makes a man better, no matter what woman inspires it.“

—  Alexandre Dumas French writer and dramatist, father of the homonym writer and dramatist 1802 - 1870

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„True love, true love.
It must be true love.
Nothing else can break my heart like
True love, true love.
It must be true love.
No one else can break my heart like you.“

—  Pink (singer) American singer-songwriter 1979

True Love, featuring Lily Allen, written by Pink, Greg Kurstin and Lily Allen
Song lyrics, The Truth About Love (2012)

„The maid my true heart loves would not my true love be;
She seeks another man; another maid loves he;
And me another maid her own true love would see:
Oh, fie on her and him and Love and HER and me!“

—  Bhartrihari Indian linguist, poet and writer 570

Nītiśataka 2
Variant translation from K.M. Joglekar:
That woman about whom I constantly meditate has no affection for me; she, however, yearns after another who is attached to someone else; while a certain woman pines away for me. Fie on her, on him, on the God of Love, on that woman, and on myself.
Original: (sa) यां चिन्तयामि सततं मयि सा विरक्ता
साप्यन्यमिच्छति जनं स जनोऽन्यसक्त:।
अस्मत्कृते च परिशुष्यति काचिदन्या
धिक्ताञ्च तं च मदनं च इमां च मां च ॥

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„To love is to be delighted by the happiness of someone, or to experience pleasure upon the happiness of another. I define this as true love.“

—  Gottfried Leibniz German mathematician and philosopher 1646 - 1716

The Elements of True Piety (c. 1677), The Shorter Leibniz Texts (2006) http://books.google.com/books?id=oFoCY3xJ8nkC&dq edited by Lloyd H. Strickland, p. 189

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