„Father calls me William, sister calls me Will,
Mother calls me Willie, but the fellers call me Bill!
Mighty glad I ain't a girl—ruther be a boy,
Without them sashes, curls, an' things that 's worn by Fauntleroy!
Love to chawnk green apples an' go swimmin' in the lake—
Hate to take the castor-ile they give for bellyache!
'Most all the time, the whole year round, there ain't no flies on me,
But jest 'fore Christmas I'm as good as I kin be!“

Jest 'Fore Christmas http://www.amherst.edu/~rjyanco94/literature/eugenefield/poems/poemsofchildhood/jestforechristmas.html, st. 1
Love Songs of Childhood (1894)

Eugene Field Foto
Eugene Field
US-amerikanischer Journalist und Dichter 1850 - 1895

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„I hold he loves me best that calls me Tom.“

—  Thomas Heywood English playwright, actor, and author 1574 - 1641

Hierarchie of the Blessed Angells (1635).

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„Sometimes the little boy who calls me father brings me an invitation from his mother: "I shall be so pleased if you will come and see me," and I always reply in some such words as these: "Dear madam, I decline."“

—  J. M. Barrie, buch The Little White Bird

And if David asks why I decline, I explain that it is because I have no desire to meet the woman.
"Come this time, father," he urged lately, "for it is her birthday, and she is twenty-six," which is so great an age to David, that I think he fears she cannot last much longer.
Quelle: The Little White Bird (1902), Ch. 1

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