„A book on radical feminism that did not deal with love would be a political failure. For love, perhaps even more thanchildbearing, is the pivot of women's oppression today.“

—  Shulamith Firestone, book The Dialectic of Sex, The Dialectic of Sex (1970), Chapter Six
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Shulamith Firestone
kanadische Feministin 1945 - 2012

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„Feminism is hated because women are hated. Anti-feminism is a direct expression of misogyny; it is the political defense of women hating.“

—  Andrea Dworkin Feminist writer 1946 - 2005
Context: Anti-feminism is also operating whenever any political group is ready to sacrifice one group of women, one faction, some women, some kinds of women, to any element of sex-class oppression: to pornography, to rape, to battery, to economic exploitation, to reproductive exploitation, to prostitution. There are women all along the male-defined political spectrum, including both extreme ends of it, ready to sacrifice some women, usually not themselves, to the brothels or the farms. The sacrifice is profoundly anti-feminist; it is also profoundly immoral... "Anti-feminism," Right Wing Women (1983), pp. 230-231.

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„How can Crooked Hillary say she cares about women when she is silent on radical Islam, which horribly oppresses women?“

—  Donald J. Trump 45th President of the United States of America 1946
2010s, 2016, May, Tweet https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/734468142303305728 (22 May 2016)

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