„Now, you're thinking of Europe as Germany and France. I don't. I think that's old Europe.“

As quoted in "Outrage at 'old Europe' remarks" in BBC News (23 January 2003) http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/2687403.stm

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Donald Rumsfeld5
US-amerikanischer Politiker 1932

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Tenzin Gyatso Foto

„I think Europe belongs to the Europeans.“

—  Tenzin Gyatso spiritual leader of Tibet 1935

Quoted in Dalai Lama says 'Europe belongs to Europeans' https://www.businesstimes.com.sg/government-economy/dalai-lama-says-europe-belongs-to-europeans, Business Times, Singapore 13 September 2018

Adolf Hitler Foto

„There are Germans and Poles in Europe, and they ought to live together in agreement. The Poles cannot think of Europe without the Germans and the Germans cannot think of Europe without the Poles.“

—  Adolf Hitler Führer and Reich Chancellor of Germany, Leader of the Nazi Party 1889 - 1945

Speech in Berlin (24 October 1933), quoted in The Times (26 September 1939), p. 9

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„Now I ask you whether you yourself have not often noticed that the policy of floating between the old and the new is not tenable? Just think this over. Sooner or later it ends with one's standing frankly either to the right or to the left.
It is no ditch, and I repeat, then it was '48 [the 1848 Revolutions in Europe, ] now it is '84 [1884]; then there was a barricade of paving stones - now it is not of stones, but a barricade as to the incompatibility of old and new.“

—  Vincent Van Gogh Dutch post-Impressionist painter (1853-1890) 1853 - 1890

Quote in his letter to brother Theo, from Nuenen, The Netherlands, Autumn 1884; as quoted in Vincent van Gogh, edited by Alfred H. Barr; Museum of Modern Art, New York, 1935 https://www.moma.org/documents/moma_catalogue_1996_300061887.pdf, (letter 381) p. 38
1880s, 1884

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„Lie down baby now don't say a word
There there baby your vision is blurred
Your head is so sore from all of that thinking
I don't want to hurt you now
But I think you're shrinking.“

—  Elvis Costello English singer-songwriter 1954

Song lyrics, All This Useless Beauty (1996)
Quelle: The Other End (of the Telescope)

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Woody Allen Foto

„Harry: No, I don't think you're paranoid. I think you're the opposite of paranoid. I think you walk around with the insane delusion that people like you.“

—  Woody Allen American screenwriter, director, actor, comedian, author, playwright, and musician 1935

Deconstructing Harry (1997)

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Tom Watson (Labour politician) Foto

„And you know, woe betide politicians that don't listen to what voters tell them. You know, I think a future Europe will have to look at things like the free movement of labour rules.“

—  Tom Watson (Labour politician) British politician 1967

Labour's Tom Watson: EU free movement rules must change https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-eu-referendum-36523759 BBC News (14 June 2016)

Citát „Bite on the bullet, old man, and don't let them think you're afraid.“
Rudyard Kipling Foto

„Bite on the bullet, old man, and don't let them think you're afraid.“

—  Rudyard Kipling English short-story writer, poet, and novelist 1865 - 1936

The Light That Failed http://whitewolf.newcastle.edu.au/words/authors/K/KiplingRudyard/prose/TheLightThatFailed/index.html, ch. 11 (1890-1891).
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Don DeLillo Foto

„I've come to think of Europe as a hardcover book, America as the paperback version.“

—  Don DeLillo, buch The Names

Quelle: The Names (1982), Ch. 1

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Stephen King Foto

„I don't think time matters much if you're a Breaker.“

—  Stephen King, buch Hearts in Atlantis

Bobby, in Heavenly Shades of Night are Falling
Hearts in Atlantis (1999)

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Leopoldo Galtieri Foto

„Personally, I judged that a British retaliation was improbable. However, I never expected such a disproportionate response. Nobody expected it. Why would a nation in the heart of Europe be affected by some distant islands in the Atlantic which serve no national interest? I don't think it makes sense.“

—  Leopoldo Galtieri Argentine military dictator 1926 - 2003

Reportaje de Oriana Fallaci a Leopoldo F. Galtieri http://archivohistorico.educ.ar/content/reportaje-de-oriana-fallaci-leopoldo-f-galtieri#sthash.ZQrMQt2O.dpuf, Revista El porteño, August 1982

Jesse Klaver Foto

„What I would say to all my leftwing friends in Europe: don’t try to fake the populace. Stand for your principles. Be straight. Be pro-refugee. Be pro-European. We’re gaining momentum in the polls. And I think that’s the message we have to send to Europe. You can stop populism.“

—  Jesse Klaver Dutch politician and trade union leader 1986

a statement during electoral campaign in 2017, quoted by The Guardian https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/mar/15/dutch-elections-greenleft-jesse-klaver

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