„You can't sit down right,
Cause your jeans are too tight,
And you're lucky it's ladies night.
With your big empty purse,
Every week it gets worse,
At least your breasts cost more than hers.“

Fuck Me Pumps
Song lyrics, Frank (2003)

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Amy Winehouse Foto
Amy Winehouse1
britische Sängerin und Songschreiberin 1983 - 2011

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„Jean, Jean, you're young and alive
Come out of your half-dreamed dream
And run, if you will, to the top of the hill
Open your arms, bonnie Jean.“

—  Rod McKuen American poet, songwriter, composer, and singer 1933 - 2015

Music to The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie (1968)

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„O city ladies'
Your coats wrapped,
Your hips a possession
Your shoes arched
Your walk is sharp
Your breasts
Pertain to lingerie“

—  George Oppen American poet 1908 - 1984

from "Discrete Series", 1934; New Collected Poems, New Directions, 2002, ISBN 0-811-21488-5

Gus Cannon Foto

„Walk right in, sit right down, baby let your hair hang down“

—  Gus Cannon American blues musician 1883 - 1979

Song Walk Right In (1927)
Kontext: Walk right in, sit right down, baby let your hair hang down.
Everybody's talking 'bout a new way of walking;
Do you want to lose you mind?

Carole King Foto

„When you're down and troubled
And you need some loving care
And nothing, nothing is going right.
Close your eyes and think of me
And soon I will be there
To brighten up even your darkest nights.“

—  Carole King Nasa 1942

You've Got a Friend · performance with James Taylor https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4mNDS5rIRU · performance by James Taylor (1971) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7RPCFfudmU · performance with Celine Dion, Gloria Estefan & Shania Twain https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJPgxEi2BM8 · Boston Strong performance with James Taylor (30 May 2013) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ZI3kLrHK80
Song lyrics, Tapestry (1971)

Emo Philips Foto

„I ran three miles today… finally I said, "Lady, take your purse."“

—  Emo Philips American comedian 1956

E=MO² (1985), A Fine How Ya Do

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„Just cause things aren't what they seem, it doesn't mean you shouldn't dream, just don't get your hopes too high, cause once things don't turn out right, your world comes crashing dow.“

—  Kris Roe American composer and singer 1978

In Spite of the World
Song lyrics, Blue Skies, Broken Hearts...Next 12 Exits (1999)

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