„He was lucky enough to rub shoulders with a fellow student, Mr. W T. Newlyn, now lecturing on money at the University of Leeds, who was less of an engineer but more of a monetary theorist than himself. Together they discussed how monetary theory could be represented by an hydraulic model.“

Quelle: The balance of payments, 1951, p. 10; As cited in: Mary S. Morgan (2012) The World in the Model: How Economists Work and Think, p. 194

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James Edward Meade Foto
James Edward Meade
britischer Ökonom 1907 - 1995

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Milton Friedman Foto

„Inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon in the sense that it is and can be produced only by a more rapid increase in the quantity of money than in output.“

—  Milton Friedman American economist, statistician, and writer 1912 - 2006

The Counter-Revolution in Monetary Theory (1970) <!-- ([[w:Institute of Economic Affairs
Kontext: Inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon in the sense that it is and can be produced only by a more rapid increase in the quantity of money than in output. … A steady rate of monetary growth at a moderate level can provide a framework under which a country can have little inflation and much growth. It will not produce perfect stability; it will not produce heaven on earth; but it can make an important contribution to a stable economic society.

Friedrich Hayek Foto

„Bitcoin accelerates the advance of monetary theory into cybernetic fundamentalism. It’s turtles – or, more precisely, feedback dynamics – all the way down.“

—  Nick Land British philosopher 1962

"‘Crypto-Current: Bitcoin and Philosophy’ §5.741" https://etscrivner.github.io/cryptocurrent/ (2018)

Milton Friedman Foto
Henry Hazlitt Foto
George Biddell Airy Foto

„[T]his Fifth Edition is required to meet the demand of a somewhat wider class of students than those for whom the Lectures were originally intended. …Mr. Stirling has been at liberty to prepare the modifications and additions …“

—  George Biddell Airy English mathematician and astronomer 1801 - 1892

Preface to the fifth edition.
Popular Astronomy: A Series of Lectures Delivered at Ipswich (1868)

Enoch Powell Foto

„The monetary belief, or the monetary myth, upon which a whole generation has been reared—that an injection of money into the system is the automatic cure for unemployment—has collapsed in the face of the experience of the past four or five years.“

—  Enoch Powell British politician 1912 - 1998

Speech http://hansard.millbanksystems.com/commons/1971/nov/23/unemployment-1#column_1202 in the House of Commons (23 November 1971)

Franklin D. Roosevelt Foto
Milton Friedman Foto
Damon Runyon Foto
Jack London Foto

„Reflecting an amalgam of economics, monetary, and psychological factors, the stock market represents possibly the most subtly intricate game invented by man.“

—  Richard Arnold Epstein American physicist 1927

Quelle: The Theory of Gambling and Statistical Logic (Revised Edition) 1977, Chapter Nine, Weighted Statistical Logic And Statistical Games, p. 296

Gore Vidal Foto

„The more money an American accumulates the less interesting he himself becomes.“

—  Gore Vidal American writer 1925 - 2012

"H. Hughes," The New York Review of Books (20 April 1972)
1970s, Homage to Daniel Shays : Collected Essays (1972)

Raghuram G. Rajan Foto

„Mr Raghuram Rajan is an outstanding man who understands central banking. He is probably only one in the world among the crowds of professors at central banks that actually has a good grip on monetary policies and what you can or cannot achieve with them. He should get the Noble Prize in economics but the others are all money printers at heart, all of them.“

—  Raghuram G. Rajan Indian economist 1963

Marc Faber, economist, as quoted in " Raghuram Rajan only central banker I trust, he should get Nobel in Economics: Marc Faber http://articles.economictimes.indiatimes.com/2015-08-12/news/65490521_1_marc-faber-rbi-governor-boom-doom-report", The Economic Times (12 August 2015)

Colin Wilson Foto
Sarah Dessen Foto
Bill Nye Foto

„A graduate of Cornell University, Nye began his career as an engineer. In fact, Boeing still uses his hydraulic pressure resonance suppressor today.“

—  Bill Nye American science educator, comedian, television host, actor, writer, scientist and former mechanical engineer 1955

[NewsBank, 'Science Guy' Visits Volcano, The Chronicle, Centralia, Washington, May 18, 2009, Paula Collucci]

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