„No, I didn't read the budget. I hired people to read the budget. You read the budget? Well, yeah. It's the difference between somebody who's in Congress and somebody who's a governor.“

2010s, 2011, Speech at the Gerald R. Ford Foundation (2011)

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George Bush Foto
George Bush4
Präsident der Vereinigten Staaten 2000 bis 2009 1946

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Robert Fulghum Foto
Jason Blum Foto

„I’m a big believer in creating parameters for creativity. I think parameters make people more creative. So that starts with my budgets. I only do low budget movies, and I think that makes the movies better. I think that the movies that we do are better because our budgets are lower, and it forces people to think within a box.“

—  Jason Blum American film producer 1969

Exclusive Interview: Jason Blum on Insidious 2 and Blumhouse TV http://www.craveonline.com/site/621501-exclusive-interview-jason-blum-on-insidious-2-and-blumhouse-tv (December 21, 2013)

Gore Vidal Foto

„Congress no longer declares war or makes budgets. So that's the end of the constitution as a working machine.“

—  Gore Vidal American writer 1925 - 2012

"America First? America Last? America at Last?," Lowell Lecture, Harvard University (20 April 1992)

George W. Bush Foto
Tom DeLay Foto

„You know, the Democrats want to balance the budget by raising spending and raising taxes. The Soviet Union had a balanced budget.“

—  Tom DeLay American Republican politician 1947

Meet the Press, 2003 December 12.

Mark Driscoll Foto

„Ultimately I think the difference between reading the Bible and studying it is making the connections between who Jesus is and what he's done.“

—  Mark Driscoll American pastor 1970

Barry, John D. " Bible Study Anywhere http://www.biblestudymagazine.com", Bible Study Magazine, Mar-Apr 2009, pg. 14.

Meg Cabot Foto
Nader Nadernejad Foto

„Reading is the best way to live in somebody else's shoes.“

—  Nader Nadernejad producer 1997

Newsigned Books (June 2014) http://www.newsignedbooks.com/nader-nadernejad.html

Grant Morrison Foto
Tyra Banks Foto
Kurt Cobain Foto

„I am not well read, but when I do read, I read well.“

—  Kurt Cobain, buch Journals

Quelle: Journals (2002), p. 124

Brad Dourif Foto
Olly Blackburn Foto

„I think when you’re shooting on such a tight budget and schedule, the insanity and the energy and the sense of spirit is what makes the experience unique. Ten percent more isn’t going to make enough of a difference and anything that would — double the budget, triple the time — then you’re making a different kind of film.“

—  Olly Blackburn Film director and screenwriter

[Filmmaker Magazine, ”Donkey Punch” co-writer-director, Olly Blackburn, Jason, Guerrasio, 15 January 2008, 23 February 2012, http://www.filmmakermagazine.com/news/2008/01/donkey-punch-co-writer-director-olly-blackburn/, Independent Feature Project]

Robert A. Heinlein Foto
Francis Escudero Foto

„The House-approved Budget“

—  Francis Escudero Filipino politician 1969

2014, Speech: Sponsorship Speech for the FY 2015 National Budget

Irving Kristol Foto
Russ Feingold Foto

„Opening up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling is bad public policy that has no place in the budget process,. The Budget Committee needs to leave drilling in the Arctic Refuge behind and focus on crafting this year’s budget package.“

—  Russ Feingold Wisconsin politician; three-term U.S. Senator 1953

[Feingold Pushes to Keep Arctic Drilling out of Budget Process (press release), http://feingold.senate.gov/~feingold/releases/06/03/20060306.html, U.S. Senator Russ Feingold, 20 August 2018, https://web.archive.org/web/20080412072316/http://feingold.senate.gov/~feingold/releases/06/03/20060306.html, April 12, 2008, March 6, 2006]

Alan Moore Foto

„I like a film where you can see every penny of the budget up there on the screen.“

—  Alan Moore English writer primarily known for his work in comic books 1953

De Abaitua interview (1998)

Gwyneth Paltrow Foto

„You can’t be prejudiced just because it’s big budget.“

—  Gwyneth Paltrow American actress, singer, and food writer 1972

Interview about Iron Man movie on Culture.com http://culture.com/articles/6026/iron-man-gwyneth-paltrow-interview.phtml http://www.gwyneth-paltrow.org/?cat=9&paged=3 (February 9th, 2010)

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