„I fear many working men will tell Mrs. Besant that the greatest hindrance to their political and social activity is the apathy of their wives.“

To-Day magazine, October issue ‘No Misogyny But True Equality’ http://historyoffeminism.com/ernest-belfort-bax-no-misogyny-but-true-equality-1887-complete/
‘No Misogyny But True Equality’ (1887)

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Ernest Belfort Bax Foto
Ernest Belfort Bax
britischer sozialistischer Journalist 1854 - 1926

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„Few people are prepared to use their reason without fear or favor, or bold enough to apply it relentlessly to every moral, political and social issue: to kings and ministers, to men in high places … And if we don't, we're doomed to remain mediocre.“

—  Nicolas Chamfort French writer 1741 - 1794

Il y a peu d'hommes qui se permettent un usage vigoureux et intrépide de leur raison, et osent l'appliquer à tous les objets dans toute sa force. Le tems est venu où il faut l'appliquer ainsi à tous les objets de la Morale, de la Politique et de la Société, aux rois, aux ministres, aux grands, aux philosophes, aux principes des Sciences, des Beaux-arts, etc., sans quoi, on restera dans la médiocrité.

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„Old wives' tales are not enough in a day when old wives and old men, too, are constantly moving away from their labours.“

—  Vincent Massey Governor General of Canada 1887 - 1967

Address to the Women's Canadian Club, Montreal, Quebec, March 26, 1958
Speaking Of Canada - (1959)

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