„Paint upon a palette, delighting our eyes with soul-satisfying pictures, a treasure of well set jewels a sympathy with growing things, fashioned into a dream of beauty, a place of perfect rest and refreshment of mind and body. This sense of beauty is a gift of God.“

Colour in the Garden

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Gertrude Jekyll Foto
Gertrude Jekyll1
britische Malerin und Gärtnerin 1843 - 1932

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Joseph Addison Foto

„Beauty soon grows familiar to the lover,
Fades in his eye, and palls upon the sense.“

—  Joseph Addison, buch Cato

Act I, scene iv.
Cato, A Tragedy (1713)

Gertrude Jekyll Foto

„Well fare she, well! As perfect beauty fares;
And those high places, that are beauty's home.“

—  Lionel Johnson English poet 1867 - 1902

Kontext: p>Ill times may be; she hath no thought of time:
She reigns beside the waters yet in pride.
Rude voices cry: but in her ears the chime
Of full, sad bells brings back her old springtide. Like to a queen in pride of place, she wears
The splendour of a crown in Radcliffe's dome.
Well fare she, well! As perfect beauty fares;
And those high places, that are beauty's home.</p

Ralph Waldo Emerson Foto

„Beauty is the mark God sets upon virtue.“

—  Ralph Waldo Emerson American philosopher, essayist, and poet 1803 - 1882

Quelle: 1830s, Nature http://www.emersoncentral.com/nature.htm (1836), Ch. 3, Beauty

Jan Mankes Foto

„..Painting never means just never picturing the material things, but it is a psychological function, an expression of how his mind [of the artist] responds to things. So that is quite a difference with: painting is showing the beauty of things.“

—  Jan Mankes Dutch painter 1889 - 1920

translation from original Dutch: Fons Heijnsbroek

(original Dutch: citaat van Jan Mankes, in het Nederlands:) Schilderen is.. ..nooit een afbeelding geven der stoffelijke zaken, maar een psychische functie, een uiten hoe zijn geest [van de kunstenaar] reageert ten opzichte der dingen. Dat is dus een heel verschil met: schilderen is de schoonheid der dingen laten zien.

Quote of Jan Mankes in a letter to his maceneas A.A.M. Pauwels in The Hague; as cited by J.R. de Groot in 'De bekoring van het gewone - Het werk van Jan Mankes https://www.dbnl.org/tekst/_ons003199001_01/_ons003199001_01_0014.php', p. 102
undated quotes

Herbert Read Foto
George Sand Foto

„The beauty that addresses itself to the eyes," she continued, "is only the spell of the moment; the eye of the body is not always that of the soul.“

—  George Sand, Le Beau Laurence

La beauté qui parle aux yeux, reprit-elle, n’est que le prestige d’un moment; l’œuil du corps n'est pas toujours celui de l'âme.
Le Beau Laurence, ch. 1 (1870); Carroll Owen (trans.) Handsome Lawrence (Boston: James R. Osgood, 1871) p. 30

John Ruskin Foto
William Penn Foto

„True silence is the rest of the mind; it is to the spirit what sleep is to the body, nourishment and refreshment.“

—  William Penn English real estate entrepreneur, philosopher, early Quaker and founder of the Province of Pennsylvania 1644 - 1718

John Muir Foto

„Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where Nature may heal and cheer and give strength to body and soul alike.“

—  John Muir Scottish-born American naturalist and author 1838 - 1914

The Yosemite http://www.sierraclub.org/john_muir_exhibit/writings/the_yosemite/ (1912), chapter 15: Hetch Hetchy Valley
Variante: Everybody needs beauty... places to play in and pray in where nature may heal and cheer and give strength to the body and soul alike.

Galileo Galilei Foto

„It is a beautiful and delightful sight to behold the body of the Moon.“

—  Galileo Galilei Italian mathematician, physicist, philosopher and astronomer 1564 - 1642

Quelle: The Starry Messenger, Venice 1610: "From Doubt to Astonishment"

Aurelius Augustinus Foto

„Beauty grows in you to the extent that love grows, because charity itself is the soul's beauty.“
Quantum in te crescit amor, tantum crescit pulchritudo; quia ipsa caritas est animae pulchritudo.

—  Aurelius Augustinus early Christian theologian and philosopher 354 - 430

Ninth Homily, Paragraph 9, as translated by Boniface Ramsey (2008) Augustinian Heritage Institute
Variant translation:
Inasmuch as love grows in you, in so much beauty grows; for love is itself the beauty of the soul.
as translated by H. Browne and J. H. Meyers, The Nicene and Post Nicene Fathers (1995)
Ten Homilies on the First Epistle of John (414)

Letitia Elizabeth Landon Foto

„It was a beautiful embodied thought,
A dream of the fine painter, one of those
That pass by moonlight o'er the soul, and flit
'Mid the dim shades of twilight, when the eye
Grows tearful with its ecstasy.“

—  Letitia Elizabeth Landon English poet and novelist 1802 - 1838

(1st June 1822) Poetic Sketches. Second Series - Sketch the Fifth. Mr. Martin’s Picture of Clytie
8th June 1822) The Deserter see The Improvisatrice (1824
The London Literary Gazette, 1821-1822

Harriet Beecher Stowe Foto
Gaston Bachelard Foto
Francisco Palau Foto
Don McLean Foto

„Starry starry night,
Paint your palette blue and grey
Look out on a summer's day with eyes that know the darkness in my soul…“

—  Don McLean American Singer and songwriter 1945

Song lyrics, American Pie (1971), Vincent

William-Adolphe Bouguereau Foto

„One has to seek Beauty and Truth, Sir! As I always say to my pupils, you have to work to the finish. There's only one kind of painting. It is the painting that presents the eye with perfection, the kind of beautiful and impeccable enamel you find in Veronese and Titian.“

—  William-Adolphe Bouguereau French painter 1825 - 1905

Bouguereau (1895); Attributed in: Jefferson C. Harrison (1986) French paintings from the Chrysler Museum. Chrysler Museum, North Carolina Museum of Art, Birmingham Museum of Art (Birmingham, Ala.). p.45.

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