„… it is not men that most women worry about when they rise to the defense of the status quo. Their apparent endorsement of male supremacy is, rather, a pathetic striving for self-respect, self-justification, and self-pardon. After fifteen hundred years of subjection to men, Western woman finds it almost unbearable to face the fact that she has been hoodwinked and enslaved by her inferiors — that the master is lesser than the slave.“

—  Elizabeth Gould Davis, buch The First Sex

The First Sex, ch. 21 - The Prejudice Lingers On (1971).

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Elizabeth Gould Davis Foto
Elizabeth Gould Davis12
American writer 1910 - 1974

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„The traditional male hero is about self-sacrifice, not self-actualization.“

—  Warren Farrell author, spokesperson, expert witness, political candidate 1943

Quelle: The Boy Crisis (2018), pp. 97

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„People need self-respect, but self-respect must be earned -- it cannot be self-respect if it's not earned -- and the only way to earn anything is to achieve it in the face of the possibility of failing.“

—  Charles Murray American libertarian political scientist, author, and columnist 1943

Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010 http://www.goodreads.com/work/quotes/16997889.
Crown Forum (2012); ISBN10: 0307453421; ISBN13: 9780307453426.

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„When a woman starts to disentangle herself from patriarchy, ultimately she is abandoned to her own self.“

—  Sue Monk Kidd Novelist 1948

Quelle: The Dance of the Dissident Daughter: A Woman's Journey from Christian Tradition to the Sacred Feminine

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„We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men and women are created equal.“

—  Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Declaration of Sentiments

First Woman's Rights Convention, Seneca Falls, New York, [July, 19-20, 1848]. Declaration of Sentiments.

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