„Actually, the mysteries of water are similar to those of the blood in the human body. In Nature, normal functions are fulfilled by water just as blood provides many important functions for mankind.“

Living Water

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Viktor Schauberger Foto
Viktor Schauberger1
österreichischer Förster, Forscher und Erfinder 1885 - 1958

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Viktor Schauberger Foto
John Updike Foto

„Like water, blood must run or grow scum.“

—  John Updike, buch Rabbit Redux

Rabbit Redux (1969)

„There’s an awful lot of blood around that water is thicker than.“

—  Mignon McLaughlin American journalist 1913 - 1983

The Complete Neurotic's Notebook (1981), Unclassified

Giuseppe Mazzini Foto

„Ideas grow quickly when watered with the blood of martyrs.“

—  Giuseppe Mazzini Italian patriot, politician and philosopher 1805 - 1872

Attributed in The Cambridge Modern History (1907), ed. Adolphus William Ward et al., Vol. 10, p. 122

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Bertrand Barère de Vieuzac Foto

„[Translated]: The tree of liberty only grows when watered by the blood of tyrants.“

—  Bertrand Barère de Vieuzac French politician, freemason, journalist, and one of the most notorious members of the National Convention during the F… 1755 - 1841

L'arbre de la liberté ne croit qu'arrosé par le sang des tyrans.
Speech in the Convention Nationale, 1792.

Leonardo Da Vinci Foto

„The water which rises in the mountain is the blood which keeps the mountain in life.“

—  Leonardo Da Vinci Italian Renaissance polymath 1452 - 1519

The Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci (1938), I Philosophy

Starhawk Foto

„The function of the law is not to provide justice or to preserve freedom. The function of the law is to keep those who hold power, in power.“

—  Gerry Spence American lawyer 1929

Quelle: From Freedom to Slavery (1996), Ch. 6 : The New King : Tyranny of the Corporate Core, p. 90

Cassandra Clare Foto
Victor Hugo Foto

„The present government is a hand stained with blood, which dips a finger in the holy water.“

—  Victor Hugo French poet, novelist, and dramatist 1802 - 1885

Book II, X
Napoleon the Little (1852)

William Bateson Foto
Margaret Atwood Foto

„Nevertheless, blood is thicker than water, as anyone knows who has tasted both.“

—  Margaret Atwood, buch The Blind Assassin

Quelle: The Blind Assassin

Robert Jordan Foto
Viktor Schauberger Foto

„We must look into unknown dimensions, into Nature, into that incalculable and imponderable life, whose carrier and mediator, the blood of the Earth that accompanies us steadfastly from the cradle to the grave, is water.“

—  Viktor Schauberger austrian philosopher and inventor 1885 - 1958

Implosion Magazine, No. 103, p. 28 (Callum Coats: Energy Evolution (2000))
Implosion Magazine

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Dorothy Thompson Foto

„[T]he object of mankind is not to live in a perfectly functioning universe, but to live in a tolerable universe, which means one suited to the nature and aspirations of human beings.“

—  Dorothy Thompson American journalist and radio broadcaster 1893 - 1961

As quoted in "The best quotes from Ralph Klein’s colourful public life" http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/the-best-quotes-from-ralph-kleins-colourful-public-life/article10577310/, The Globe and Mail
p. 92
Dorothy Thompson’s Political Guide: A Study of American Liberalism and its Relationship to Modern Totalitarian States (1938)

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