„The fisherman fishes as the urchin eats cream buns, from lust.“

England Have My Bones (1936)

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T. H. White Foto
T. H. White
britischer Schriftsteller 1906 - 1964

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Bertolt Brecht Foto

„Come fishing with me, said the fisherman to the worm.“

—  Bertolt Brecht German poet, playwright, theatre director 1898 - 1956

Komm, geh mit angeln, sagte der Fischer zum Wurm.
Mutter Courage to the army recruiter when he tries to recruit her son in Scene 1
Mother Courage and Her Children (1939)

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John Gray Foto

„Gamblers wager for the sake of playing. Among those who fish for pleasure, the best fisherman is not the one who catches the most fish but the one who enjoys fishing the most. The point of playing is that the play has no point.“

—  John Gray, buch Straw Dogs: Thoughts on Humans and Other Animals

As It Is: Playing With Fate (p. 196)
Straw Dogs: Thoughts on Humans and Other Animals (2002)

Dan Savage Foto

„Every American may have equal access to ice cream, but there's no guarantee that the outcome of eating ice cream will be equal.“

—  Dan Savage, buch Skipping Towards Gomorrah

Quelle: Skipping Towards Gomorrah (2002), p. 165

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Meg Cabot Foto
John du Pont Foto
Caitlín R. Kiernan Foto
Trevor Noah Foto
Paul Watson Foto

„I don't eat fish because there is no such thing as sustainable fishing in the world right now.“

—  Paul Watson Canadian environmental activist 1950

The Philosophy of Paul Watson By Frank Johnson https://books.google.com/books?id=QfGXBAAAQBAJ

Brad Pitt Foto

„Being married means I can break wind and eat ice cream in bed.“

—  Brad Pitt American actor and filmmaker 1963

US Weekly (18 September 2000)

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James Baldwin Foto
Ron English Foto

„Sell a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will put you out of a job.“

—  Ron English American artist 1959

Ron English's Fauxlosophy (2016)

Pino Caruso Foto

„People eat meat and think they will become strong as an ox, forgetting that the ox eats grass.
Eating an animal with gusto is premeditated lust murder, and digesting it is concealment of corpse.“

—  Pino Caruso Italian actor 1934 - 2019

La gente mangia carne e pensa: "Diventerò forte come un bue".
Dimenticando che il bue mangia erba.
Mangiarsi con gusto un animale è assassinio premeditato a scopo di libidine. Digerirlo, occultamento di cadavere.
Il diluvio universale: acqua passata https://books.google.it/books?hl=it&id=9WIhAQAAIAAJ (Palermo: Novecento, 1993), p. 179.

Stephen Colbert Foto

„Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day. Give a man a sub-prime fish loan and you're in business, buddy.“

—  Stephen Colbert American political satirist, writer, comedian, television host, and actor 1964

A parody of the "Give a man a fish..." proverb alluding to the subprime mortgage crisis of the aughts on The Colbert Report (14 May 2008)

John Heywood Foto

„The cat would eate fish, and would not wet her feete.“

—  John Heywood English writer known for plays, poems and a collection of proverbs 1497 - 1580

Part I, chapter 11.
Proverbs (1546), Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. (1919)

Robert Jordan Foto

„Tonight you will eat fish. Tomorrow, you may die.“

—  Robert Jordan American writer 1948 - 2007

Moiraine Damodred to Faile Bashere
(15 October 1991)

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