„In the second half of the twentieth century, the idea became increas ingly dominant that attaining a superior growth rate and thus increased prosperity should be the central objective of public policy.“

Quelle: Economics after the crisis : objectives and means (2012), Ch. 1 : Economic Growth, Human Welfare, and Inequality

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Adair Turner, Baron Turner of Ecchinswell Foto
Adair Turner, Baron Turner of Ecchinswell
britischer Wirtschaftsmanager, Hochschullehrer und Politiker 1955

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Simone Weil Foto

„The essential characteristic of the first half of the twentieth century is the growing weakness, and almost the disappearance, of the idea of value.“

—  Simone Weil French philosopher, Christian mystic, and social activist 1909 - 1943

“The responsibility of writers,” p. 167
On Science, Necessity, and the Love of God (1968)

Michael Crichton Foto
Ray Kurzweil Foto

„The twentieth century was like twenty years' worth of change at today's rate of change.“

—  Ray Kurzweil Author, scientist, inventor, and futurist 1948

"The Singularity," The New Humanists: Science at the Edge (2003)

Harold Innis Foto

„The voice of a second-rate person is more impressive than the published opinion of superior ability.“

—  Harold Innis, buch Empire and Communications

2007 edition, p. 31.
Empire and Communications (1950)
Kontext: Graham Wallas has reminded us that writing as compared with speaking involves an impression at the second remove and reading an impression at the third remove. The voice of a second-rate person is more impressive than the published opinion of superior ability.

Michael Hudson (economist) Foto
John Maynard Keynes Foto

„The duty of "saving" became nine-tenths of virtue and the growth of the cake the object of true religion.“

—  John Maynard Keynes, buch The Economic Consequences of the Peace

Quelle: The Economic Consequences of the Peace (1919), Chapter II, Section III, p. 20

Art Spiegelman Foto

„What Franz Kafka was to the first half of the 20th century, Philip K. Dick is to the second half.“

—  Art Spiegelman cartoonist from the United States 1948

As quoted in The Shifting Realities of Philip K. Dick : Selected Literary and Philosophical Writings (1995) edited by Lawrence Sutin, p. x.

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Edward Heath Foto
Ben Bernanke Foto
Arun Shourie Foto
Lawrence Wilkerson Foto

„For almost half a century, U.S. policy with respect to Cuba has failed—miserably.“

—  Lawrence Wilkerson Chief of Staff to Colin Powell 1945

Quelle: U.S. Cuba Policy: Ending 50 Years of Failure, Prepared Testimony to the Committee on Finance United States Senate  (11 December 2007)

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