„It is a question of building which is at the root of the social unrest of today: architecture or revolution.“

Vers une architecture [Towards an Architecture] (1923)

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Le Corbusier Foto
Le Corbusier7
schweizerisch-französischer Architekt, Stadtplaner, Maler, … 1887 - 1965

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Dana Arnold Foto
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„If the Settlement seeks its expression through social activity, it must learn the difference between mere social unrest and spiritual impulse.“

—  Jane Addams pioneer settlement social worker 1860 - 1935

Quelle: Twenty Years at Hull-House (1910), Ch. 9

Dana Arnold Foto

„The Russian revolution was not a socialist revolution… but a managerial revolution… Today Russia is the nation which has, in its structural aspects, advanced furthest along the managerial road.“

—  James Burnham American philosopher 1905 - 1987

Quelle: The Managerial Revolution, 1941, p. 220–221; As cited in Marcel van der Linden (2007, p. 83)

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Dana Arnold Foto
Philippe Kahn Foto

„Camera-Phones are at the root of the Citizen-Journalism revolution.“

—  Philippe Kahn Entrepreneur, camera phone creator 1952

NPR Interview January 2007, regarding the use of camera phones in citizen-journalism http://weekendamerica.publicradio.org/programs/2007/01/06/father_of_the_camera.html.

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„There are three departments of architecture: the art of building, the making of time-pieces, and the construction of machinery.“

—  Vitruvius, buch De architectura

Quelle: De architectura (The Ten Books On Architecture) (~ 15BC), Book I, Chapter III "The Departments of Architecture" Sec. 1

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Liu Cixin Foto

„As a child, I witnessed a great deal of violence and persecution as well as social unrest during The Cultural Revolution...This experience has made me understand the complexity of human nature and society—I’ve realized that the future of human civilization is also full of danger and uncertainty. Such understanding is manifested in my science fiction novels…“

—  Liu Cixin Chinese science fiction writer 1963

On how his childhood experiences shaped his writings in “In the Author’s Universe: Interview with Sci-Fi Author Cixin Liu” https://vocal.media/futurism/in-the-authors-universe-interview-with-sci-fi-author-cixin-liu in Vocal (2016)

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Archibald Primrose, 5th Earl of Rosebery Foto

„This is not a Budget, but a revolution; a social and political revolution of the first magnitude.“

—  Archibald Primrose, 5th Earl of Rosebery British politician 1847 - 1929

Letter to the The Times attacking the "People's Budget" (22 June 1909), p. 8.

„In no obvious sense was the American Revolution undertaken as a social revolution.“

—  Bernard Bailyn, buch The Ideological Origins of the American Revolution

Quelle: The Ideological Origins of the American Revolution (1967), Chapter VI, THE CONTAGION OF LIBERTY, p. 302.

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