„Action often creates the orderly relations that originally were mere presumptions summarized in a cause map. Thus language trappings of organizations such as strategic plans are important components in the process of creating order. They hold events together long enough and tightly enough in people's heads so that they act in the belief that their actions will be influential and make sense.“

Weick, Karl E. Organizational culture as a source of high reliability. National Emergency Training Center, 1987. p. 98

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Karl E. Weick Foto
Karl E. Weick
US-amerikanischer Wirtschaftswissenschaftler und Hochschull… 1936

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„But let us not forget this either: it is enough to create new names and estimations and probabilities in order to create in the long run new "things."“

—  Friedrich Nietzsche German philosopher, poet, composer, cultural critic, and classical philologist 1844 - 1900

Sec. 58
The Gay Science (1882)

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„I summarize more than 30 years of research on factors that can create a "perfect storm" which leads good people to engage in evil actions.“

—  Philip G. Zimbardo American social psychologist, author of Stanford Prison Experiment 1933

In his introduction to his site on The Lucifer Effect (2007) http://www.lucifereffect.com/
Kontext: I summarize more than 30 years of research on factors that can create a "perfect storm" which leads good people to engage in evil actions. This transformation of human character is what I call the "Lucifer Effect," named after God's favorite angel, Lucifer, who fell from grace and ultimately became Satan.
Rather than providing a religious analysis, however, I offer a psychological account of how ordinary people sometimes turn evil and commit unspeakable acts.

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„Strategic planning is not strategic thinking. Indeed, strategic planning often spoils strategic thinking, causing managers to confuse real vision with the manipulation of numbers.“

—  Henry Mintzberg Canadian busines theorist 1939

Attributed to Mintzberg in C.W. Cook, P.L. Hunsaker (2001) Management and organizational behavior. p. 58

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„It has seen the people themselves taking increasing individual and collective action in order to obtain a world organization or government, a universal religion, or a universal language.“

—  Vera Stanley Alder British artist 1898 - 1984

Quelle: Humanity Comes of Age, A study of Individual and World Fulfillment (1950), Introduction p. I - XII

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