„I don’t even know what an atheist is. When people ask me if I’m an atheist, I have to ask them what they mean. What is it that I’m supposed to not believe in? Until you can answer that question I can’t tell you whether I’m an atheist, and the question doesn’t arise. […] I don’t see how one can be an agnostic when one doesn’t know what it is that one is supposed to believe in, or reject.“

Science in the Dock (2011), 2, Chomsky.info, March 1, 2006, August 16, 2011 http://www.chomsky.info/debates/20060301.htm,
Quotes 2010s, 2011

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Noam Chomsky39
Professor für Linguistik am Massachusetts Institute of Tech… 1928

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„I'm no genius, and others can outwork me. What I do is ask the naive, honest questions, and then I’m not satisfied until I get the answers.“

—  Herman E. Daly American economist 1938

Herman Daly in: " Herman Daly http://www.utne.com/politics/herman-daly-economics-cooperative-collective-good.aspx," in Utne Reader,Jan.-Feb. 1995.

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„I'm an atheist: I don't know what it means to believe in God.“

—  Rita Levi-Montalcini Italian neurologist 1909 - 2012

Quelle: Interview with Piergiorgio Odifreddi in Incontri con menti straordinarie (TEA, Milano, 2007), ISBN 978-88-502-1523-2.

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„Suppose no one asked a question, what would be the answer.“

—  Gertrude Stein American art collector and experimental writer of novels, poetry and plays 1874 - 1946

"Near East or Chicago A Description"
Useful Knowledge (1928)

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Sherrilyn Kenyon Foto
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„I don’t have faith nor do I think I will have it in the future, but I’m not an atheist. My faith is that of a secular person. You might call it “morality.”“

—  Kenzaburō Ōe Japanese author 1935

Throughout my life I have acquired some wisdom but always through rationality, thought, and experience. I am a rational person and I work only through my own experience. My lifestyle is that of a secular person, and I have learned about human beings that way
Paris Review interview (2007)

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„If there isn't light when no one sees
Than how can I know what you might believe?…“

—  Ronnie James Dio American singer 1942 - 2010

"The Sign of the Southern Cross" on Mob Rules (1981)

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„If you are looking for a sense of justice, that’s not what I’m doing. I’m telling many truths. I don’t have to represent.“

—  Dael Orlandersmith American actress and writer 1959

On incorporating various perspectives in her works in “Dael Orlandersmith Is a Poet of Life’s Complexity” https://www.americantheatre.org/2015/12/11/dael-orlandersmith-is-a-poet-of-lifes-complexity/ in American Theatre (2015 Dec 11)

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