„He has joined the great majority.“

—  Petron, Sec. 42 Variant translations: He’s gone to join the majority [the dead]. He has gone to the majority. (i.e. He has died.)

Abiit ad plures.

 Petron Foto
römischer Schriftsteller 27 - 66

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„He (John Major) has the mulishness of a weak man with stupidity.“

—  Norman Tebbit English politician 1931
[Source: The Journals of Woodrow Wyatt: Volume 3, p. 437.]

„For the great majority of mathematicians, mathematics is“

—  George Frederick James Temple British mathematician 1901 - 1992
Context: For the great majority of mathematicians, mathematics is... a whole world of invention and discovery—an art. The construction of a new theorem, the intuition of some new principle, or the creation of a new branch of mathematics is the triumph of the creative imagination of the mathematician, which can be compared to that of a poet, the painter and the sculptor.

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Ch. 1, plate 7, lines 62 The Words of Los to his Spectre