„I shall draw… a figure (which all these matters are made clear as far as possible on a surface, but the full demonstration would require a body like the eye… The eye of a cow, pig, and other animals can be used for illustration, if anyone wishes to experiment.“

—  Roger Bacon, buch Opus Majus

v. i. iii. 3, ed. Bridges as quoted in A.C. Crombie, Robert Grossetest and the Origins of Experimental Science 1100-1700 (1953)
Opus Majus, c. 1267

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Roger Bacon Foto
Roger Bacon1
englischer Philosoph 1220 - 1292

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„… I think I'm a pig: Pigs have got eyes, pigs have got mouths, pigs have got teeth, I've got friends who eat like pigs, I sound like a pig when I sleep.“

—  Ray Comfort New Zealand-born Christian minister and evangelist 1949

AronRa vs Ray Comfort (September 17th, 2012), Radio Paul's Radio Rants

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„.. When I have made some drawings I see them immediately in front of my eyes, enlarged [and] in colors..“

—  Hendrik Werkman Dutch artist 1882 - 1945

version in original Dutch (origineel citaat van Hendrik Werkman, in het Nederlands): ..Als ik eenige teekeningen gemaakt heb zie ik ze ook direct in kleuren [en] vergroot voor me..
In a letter (nr. 356) to Bastiaan Kist, 9 Sept. 1943; as cited in H. N. Werkman - Leven & Werk - 1882-1945, ed. A. de Vries, J. van der Spek, D. Sijens, M. Jansen; WBooks, Groninger Museum / Stichting Werkman, 2015 (transl: Fons Heijnsbroek), p. 176

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„Her eyes were full of new; it made them brighter.“

—  Lois McMaster Bujold, The Sharing Knife

Loc 1972 of 2974
The Sharing Knife, Knife Children (2019)

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„I wish to speak but lips can shape no voice,
I wish to see but light has left my eye.“

—  Tao Yuanming Chinese poet 365 - 427

Second of three poems ("Three Dirges") written by Tao Yuanming in 427, the same year he died at the age of 63, and often read as poems written for his own funeral.
John Minford and Joseph S. M. Lau (eds.), Classical Chinese Literature: An Anthology of Translations (2000), p. 513
Kontext: In former days I wanted wine to drink;
The wine this morning fills the cup in vain.
I see the spring mead with its floating foam,
And wonder when to taste of it again.
The feast before me lavishly is spread,
My relatives and friends beside me cry.
I wish to speak but lips can shape no voice,
I wish to see but light has left my eye.
I slept of old within the lofty hall,
Amidst wild weeds to rest I now descend.
When once I pass beyond the city gate
I shall return to darkness without end.

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